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09-22-2005, 07:42 AM
Hi all,

Need to vent a little, am new here by the way, but am quite upset today, I have been in remission for almost a year and now am flaring again, I have even been completely off all meds for the last 8 months, so this is really getting to me, hate having to take all those pills everyday.

Its been wonderful have lived a completely normal life for a while, and I dont want to stop. I am seeing the Doc on Wednesday and I hopefully will not put me back on prednizone, would much rather be on Imuran, have finally managed to lose all the weight I put on with the Prednizone and there is no way in hell I am prepared to put it all on again. Wish I could take this Plaquenil that you guys talk about but its not registered in South Africa, so cant get it, Chlorroquin just makes me ill and stuffs up my eyes, so its usually just prednizone, imuran or methotrexate.

Anyway I just had to have a good old winge, probably feeling a little sorry for myself today.

At least I think you guys will probably realise kinda how I am feeling about this, so its probably the best place for me to b*tch.....

09-22-2005, 12:43 PM
Hi Sabre;
Yes, we do understand what you are going through. It must be extremely difficult to experience relatively good health and a normal life style and then have to deal with the disease again. But, remember, Lupus is a disease filled with remission and relapse. Since your remissions was for such a long period of time, perhaps you will acheive it again - for another long period of time. Take very good care of yourself during this relapse; please do not allow your stress to aggravate your condition as your goal is to acheive remission again. Concentrate on that and do everything that you can to get to that point again. In the meantime, we are here to help you in any way that we can; including allowing you to vent whenever you need.
I wish you the best!
Peace and Blessings

09-22-2005, 10:22 PM

Thanks for that, today am feeling much more upbeat and positive again, this thing hasn't beaten me yet and it won't :) will just do what I have to to get back to where I was at, shouldn't be too difficult, just have to be good and take care of myself properly. Glad I found this site, in South Africa we don't seem to have many support groups etc. or maybe we do and I just haven't found them.

09-23-2005, 04:01 AM

I totally understand. I was off all meds for quite a while and am going through a fairly hefty flare myself right now. I'm back on 50 ,gs of Prednisone and some others right now. Oh what fun!

For a while there I was really ticked off, bummed out etc. Once I got on my meds and started getting things under control a bit I started to realize that this is only temporary. I will get a handle on it and get through it. I hope you get to that point soon yourself and start feeling better.


09-23-2005, 04:57 AM
Hey Andyman,

Thanks for that!!! :) I am usually pretty upbeat but yesturday just got to me a little, sorry to hear that you are on all those meds, hope you improve soon so they can lower the prednisone dosage, I hate that stuff so am with you there.

Suppose thats all we can do is hang in and not let it get the better of us.


09-24-2005, 04:23 AM

I couldn't agree more about not letting it get to us. When people get sick sometimes their not their usual cheerful selves. Well, we're sick everyday and as you know some days just aren't as good as others. The only thing we can do is decide that tomorrow will be better.


09-24-2005, 08:10 PM
I was just diagnosed officially with lupus although my rheumy says I was in a pre-lupus for the past several years. Right now I'm going through an extremely tough time and just long to get into remission!

For having several years of just joint pain and other symptoms that seem so trivial right now, I long to be back to that stage. Personally what is helping me right now is to get rest, vitamins, support of family/friends and this support board. I also use daily prayer to give me the strength to get through the day.

Hope everything improves soon! Am cheering you on!

09-25-2005, 09:34 PM
I haven't been officially diagnosed for very long - but I've definitely been doing the remission-relapse tango for a while.

Vent away whenever you need to or just want to. I'm sure everybody here has had a day or when they've just had to scream out loud a bit.

09-28-2005, 08:02 AM
Thanks guys!!!

Your encouragment is appreciated, am actually feeling a little better. I just need to get back into the whole medicating thing again, and probably also look after myself a little better, amazing how quickly one forgets, when you are feelilng fine, what and how one should live when you have this **s kicking disease, :-)

Hope you all get to where I was soon.

and once again thanks!!!!!