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04-05-2010, 02:12 PM
I'm just wondering if you guys can tell me what your hobbies are? Or what you are passionate about, or both?
I used to ride horses all the time before I started getting too sick, and I haven't done it since. I also used to be really good at drawing but these days I'm lucky if I can hold onto a pen or pencil to write. I also like to sing and that's something I haven't had to worry about stopping at least...As for riding and drawing, I haven't done either of those two in quite a long time. I have so much trouble mounting a horse now and even hanging onto the reins or doing the posting trot is painful so sometimes I wonder, do I give up? Should I figure out something else to do? Horses are my passion and my life, I work with them 5 days a week at my job as a groom (a job that's pretty hard on me, but I am too stubborn to give it up!), but I don't ride. I can't decide if it's a bad idea or not to start riding again normally, or if maybe I should stick to slower therapy horses from now on. I used to be pretty active, I'd ride 2-4 times a week (I used to have my own horse, did dressage, jumping) but these days getting up and even making it to work or the end of the day for that matter takes so much out of me.
So instead of riding...I now find myself very addicted to video gaming. I liked gaming before and I always have but now its become and every day thing. Believe me I'm not obsessed I know when to get off...I just truly wish I could ride instead. Or find something else to do that's not so physical? I really don't know...

04-05-2010, 03:34 PM
Welcome Hunniebun. First, I'd like to start off welcoming you to WHL. You'll find many people just like you, such as having problems doing the things they like to do.

I am passionate about wolves, so I feel that Lupus connects me to them in a small way. I also like to draw and sing, although I'm quite horrible at both. It usually doesn't bother me much to do either of those things, as I draw slowly and quickly give up. I like horseback riding too, although I've only been on a horse a few times. I always thought about woryking with horses if I couldn't work with wolves, but my arm won't allow it, as it is often in pain, and my shoulder will hurt at the most inoportune times. I am actually thinking about taking riding lessons despite the pain I'm sure I'll experience, but I think that some times doing what you enjoy most should come before what you know will bappen next. I used to wrestle my friends and have bad flares afterward, but I enjoyed pushing myself to exaustion. Now I just read and sometimes play my DS.


04-05-2010, 04:26 PM
Hi Hunniebun,
I haven't been on a horse in 30 years, I envy all the stuff you were able to do with them I had to stop when I was in my twentys so maybe it's more than 30 years. anyway, Now I sing, read and knit. I'm also addicted to puzzle games. I also love going to watch my granddaughters play softball. they are very good at it. I hope they will be able to play for one of the universities. Their current team was ranked 10th in the state; but I haven't seen the rankings lately.

Welcome also to WHL.


04-05-2010, 05:22 PM
I have been doing a little scrapbooking, like to go camping, thrift store shopping and read magazines.

ladybugs mommy
04-05-2010, 06:27 PM
hi there honniebun
i know and understand EXACTLY. just like you, i am passionate about horses, and used to do everything you did. i had not been able to ride at all because my lupus has progressed to CNS and i have severe balance and movement issues along with seizures. plus i have mild paralysis on my right side due to my seizures (strokes). BUT! i have a nephew with very severe Cerebral Palsey and he's been doing therapy riding. after being curious as to how the heck he stays in the saddle, i found out that there's a special saddle we could possible use, but i assume it's probably a bit limiting. so i'm excited to do more research about it.

now, hobbies you ask?! YES! stamping and scrap booking. no, it's not riding (again, i truly understand!). but because i know what that's like, i can honestly say that it's a very decent, and calming, replacement. and can be just as expensive too, lol!!

i hope this helps you friend


04-06-2010, 09:53 AM
In the summertime, I enjoy sailing, and flying radio control aircraft. In the winter months, I build models. I enjoy building WWII subjects, as well as some Science Fiction, mostly Star Trek. Some of the models I make are commission pieces for collectors and museums. I have a photo album of some of my latest pieces here on my profile page-


I enjoy the historical aspects of the military models, and the sheer fun of building Sci-Fi subjects. I'm a kid at heart.


04-06-2010, 11:45 AM
I am passionate about the theater and arts. I am a singer and I devote most of my time to being in shows and productions and singing in clubs or restaurants. Non-stop rehearsals keep me busy (too busy to commensurate about my pain and illness).
For exercise, I love to swim. I love the water and spend as much time in it as I can. I'm afraid that I become a bit of a couch potato in the winter when I cannot get into the water. But, being rehearsals and shows keeps me somewhat active :laugh:

Peace and Blessings

04-06-2010, 03:35 PM
I don't think I'm the type of person who can get into scrapbooking haha but I do really enjoying reading, I too have a DS (A ps3, a Wii, and the list goes on...lol)
WW stuff and Star Trek? That's awesome! I don't think my hands can handle building models but I'm very into history and I love star trek and sci fi stuff.
It's nice that a lot of people like to sing, (and being in shows a lot, that's amazing saysusie!) I've been singing my whole life, following my dads footsteps with that, he too was a singer in his younger days and won a lot of trophies and contests, plus made some music video's and did some live tv shows for charity.

I was wondering about maybe starting to swim, but then I have a problem with going alone. I'd really much rather to ride, in any way I can, so now I am going to see if its possible if I can start doing it theraputically. I get my fill of horses every day thanks to my job, but its ground work only, really miss being up there on their amazing backs.

04-06-2010, 08:05 PM
Hi Hunniebun,
I loved riding when I was young, too. I was able to ride a few years ago, when my daughter was working on a friend's ranch. As long as people are willing to man-handle me into the saddle, once I'm up there, I'm good to go. I love the feeling of freedom that galloping along an open field gives me. One of the best anniversaries I ever had was our 25th, when Jeff took me to Mustang Island, Texas, and we rented horses to ride along the beach - heaven!
I also used to be a singer. The group that I sang with at Wright-Patterson AFB was chosen to be the opening act for Lee Greenwood when he performed at our base. That was fun! Now, because of the Spasmodic Dysphonia affecting my vocal chords, I can no longer sing. I miss it.
Nowadays, I read a lot. I'm also a sci-fi fan. We own just about every Star Trek book ever published, so I have those to read, along with other sci-fis. I was very passionate about teaching Latin, and now that I'm no longer teaching, I still keep up with reading some Latin, or Greek, or Mythology, or Greek philosophy.
I also like to crochet blankets for grandbabies. I'm currently waiting for one of my kids to announce that the next one is coming!
Now that we're living on the California coast, I try to get out to walk on the beach whenever I feel that I can.
I also LOVE to travel. We went to NYC, Hawaii and Tokyo a couple of summers ago. This summer, we're going to Athens, Greece and Santorini. My oldest daughter will be speaking at a conference on Santorini. I travel with my cane and a wheelchair and have a lot of fun, no matter how much it hurts!

04-07-2010, 08:35 AM
Hi Hunniebun,
I like to go dancing, when I can. I belong to a Swing Dance group that meets 5 times a month or so. I used to be able to get to almost all the events, now I am lucky to get there once a month or more. I used to go dancing 4 or 5 times a week! Now the thought of that makes me wishful that I still could. I also like to cross-stitch. I am making a Noah's Ark sampler for my sister who is expecting my niece in August. I usually only make a couple of things a year for very special occasions. I like other crafty things like quilting and scrapbooking, but I find it hard to stay focused on those. I also love to read and to cook and to go for walks, especially with the dogs at the shelter I volunteer at. I also try to get to the gym and do some walking there. I love shopping, especially window shopping. Gets me out and about for a little.

04-10-2010, 03:22 PM
Thanks for all the replies, its so nice to see what everybody can do, its a large variety of stuff! Even with all the things you guys do, my heart seems to keep falling towards riding, so somehow I'm going to find a way. I love all animals but horses just make me the happiest, they are such amazing, beautifu, majesticl creatures.
I can't scrapbook or stitch or things like that haha, they just won't hold my attention. Anything that involves using my hands just doesn't work out too well.
Pretty much I have this longing of being outside doing something with animals, or else I just don't stay happy! I have a cat and he is like my son, love him that much. Just wondering what else I could do that involes animals...I guess volunteering could work, and I get a good amount of my horse dosage every day at work, I just don't ride that's the only thing that "sucks".
I'm afraid of dancing because of my hip always being so sore, and swimming I'm too much of a chicken to go alone! Hmmmmm...

04-10-2010, 05:07 PM
I like crocheting and have made so many baby blankets and sweater sets everyone in the family always knew what they were getting from me at the baby showers and maded aftghans also. I even made my father-in-law a pair of long johns for a joke Christmas present one time. I made all the hair pieces for my one daughters wedding. I also enjoy reading and spending time with the grandkids. But my ra has cut into alot in recent times. I also like beating Larz in the video games on the arcade here. Bonita

04-10-2010, 10:06 PM
hi hunniebun i use to play bingo and do crosswords but i find it hard to see and use my hands also i liked ballroom dancing and fishing but these are thing i can no longer do kim l