View Full Version : A cold that keeps coming back, a Lupus flare or both?

04-03-2010, 09:52 AM
On April 1st 2010: So last week I had a scratchy throat for a few days & gradually got symptoms of a cold(fever 98.9-99.1),chills,runny/stuffy nose,and some lupus symptoms aggrivated by it as well,butterfly rash,aching/burning in legs & lower back.

That said,it lasted from sunday to sunday..went away monday-tuesday and then last night I started gettin the scratchy throat again w/a rash which was worse this morning upon waking(even though my window was covered all night to block the sun) I have had a fever again from 98.7-99.4.

Anybody have a take on what it could be??

April 3rd 2010: I am still having sinus pressure/ache/drainage, runny/stuffy nose but my throat feels better. Unfortunately it has made my lupus flare up even more! I was hurting/aching so bad in my legs last night that my feet even ached. I got a shower and even had burning pain down the top part of my spine in my neck. ehh I ache today and have another rash but I guess it could be worse. Also having low blood sugars now regularly. Joy.

*15 weeks today *

04-04-2010, 03:25 PM
Hello! Your story sounds like me. A few weeks ago, I caught a cold/flu. At first I felt my throat getting itchy and scratchy. My nose got runny and stuffy at the same time. I developed a cough that kept me up at night. My ears even got stuffy. So weird because that never happened to me before. During that whole week, I felt so fatigued and my head, neck and back ached more than usual. The lupus flares must get worst during our sick times. So it seems like you're not alone in this. Its you and me both...

Hope you are feeling better.

04-05-2010, 02:15 AM
I have had a similar experience. Last friday I came down with a scratchy/sore throat, and stuffy nose, plugged ears, and burning eyes. I went to the doc and got a Z-pack (since I ALWAYS get a sinus infection with a cold) The yellowish phlem is going away, but the pain is not. My arms, legs, and back ache so bad at night I just sob. The pain killers are doing absolutely NOTHING for me, and i even had them increase my dosage. Last time I got sick, I felt like it made me flare as well. I am just starting Plaquinel (as soon as the z-pack is finished) and for the first 6 months they recommended steroid injections to buffer the flares. I was thinking about going in tomorrow morning for a shot, it will be my first and i'm nervous because steroids typically make me feel very off mentally. Although at this point I'll deal if it will take the pain away. Has anyone who has had this tried steroids orally, or injections?

04-06-2010, 07:47 AM
All I can say is you are lucky. I started Plaquenil back in June of 09 & was not given any steroids whatsoever. I was made to wait it out w/Plaquenil & Naprosyn alone. It didnt get any better until I got pregnant so im thinking the increase in steroid production may have helped me out a little. I still get rashes & symptoms at times..so in my opinion the Plaquenil does not work anyway alone for me. Hope you all feel better *hugs* -Lupie Britt

04-06-2010, 10:39 AM
Ya know Guys,

I have always had a semi cold year round - I assumed it was allergies. My rash and fever flare up when I'm overtired; but since I am on the Plaquenil and Prednezone I am feeling more better. I just get a stuffy nose at night. Also I did not have my winter bout of Bronchitis/pneumonia.

It's just my experience this winter.



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