View Full Version : My 16th SLE anniversary!

09-09-2005, 07:09 PM
Just wanted to check in and maybe give some hope to my newly dx friends. This week has been my 16 years being diagnosed with Lupus!!! I know I probably had it sooner but my official dx was Sept 1989. Considering I'm 35 that's a long time! And I have longer to go! I'm not going down without a good fight.

And for those I've chatted with about my hands, I see a surgeon on Tues. My rheumy said they'll probably want to replace my joints and straighteh my tendons(?). Something like that! Anyway, I'm a little nervous about any surgery. One- I have 3 kids 5 years and 21 months and Two- the anesthesia(?) After all this will I wake up? A little paranoid I know. Yes I take something for my panic attacks that I have when I think about this. Still... Anyone else undergone an operation? I also take coumadin (DVT history) and Cellcept (and a few other things too) Should I be worried?

09-10-2005, 03:08 PM
Congrats 8)

Sorry to hear you are going to have surgery, don't worry about the anesthesia, the docs won't do it if they don't think you're up to it, which I'm sure you are!!!! If you've managed to get through childbirth relatively unscathed, what else do you have to worry about ;)

Best of luck,

Claire xxx

09-11-2005, 07:54 PM
Unfortunately I didn't manage the childbirth, my kids are adopted. But thanks for the advice anyway. It seems if I don't have a panic attack I'll be OK so everyone around me better help!! Haha!
Thanks again!

09-11-2005, 11:05 PM
Congratulations on your anniversary!! You give me hope for my 13year old!!!
I can appreciate your concern about your surgery, but do not worry. I have had many surgeries. Two of them were 3 hours long. The Dr.'s and the team at the hospital are professionals!! The anesthesiologists go to school longer than a GP, please have faith in them.
What I can tell you about your children, is get someone, your partner, mom, dad, sister, friend etc. , to stay at your place for a week after you return home. Or longer, if that is the case. You will need to concentrate on healing and getting stronger, and if you are not getting help, you will cause yourself more damage.
I tell you this from my own experience. The first long surgery, I was a single mom, (kids were 3 & 5) and tried it alone. One more big mistake I made that time.
Anyways, keep us updated.
God Speed!

09-13-2005, 12:32 PM
Hi Twinnieplus1;
Please, do not be over concerned about the anesthesiology. Your anesthesiologist and your doctor take many, many factors into consideration before they determine which anesthetic will work for you, how much to give you and how long you will be asleep. You WILL wake up. I have had so many surgeries in my life (all while having Lupus) that now I consider it the only times when I do get complete restorative sleep (lol).
I agree that you should have someone to help you with the children, at the very least, if you cannot have them stay with someone for a while during your recuperation. You must (and you deserve) give yourself a proper recuperation period because all surgeries require a lot from your body and your mind!
Please do what is best for you!
Best of Luck on your surgery
Peace and Blessings