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03-15-2010, 04:40 PM
So I went to my doctor today. And I seriously about got up and just left she pissed me off so much. Im sure some of you know I went on my pill boycott for a little over a month back in like December, so now every time I go she acts like Im not taking my meds. Even though I clearly tell her which ones Im taking and which ones I've been a little bad about or forgot and she completely dismisses me and acts like Im not taking any of them and literally spent an hour saying things like "when you never take your medicine...." and "we cant help you when you dont take your medicine..." and "we only add more when you dont take them...." over and over and over again and I was about to just scream in her face. Then she basically had a conversation that basically excluded me, you know her patient, and talked to my parents about how they need to watch me take my pills and then added "watch her swallow", which makes me feel like someone in one of those movies with people in a psych ward being watched. Im not a child Im 17 and will be at college in just over a year and will be plenty capable of taking my pills by myself, just like I am now. What really annoyed me was feeling very excluded during MY appointment becuz I actually had a few things I wanted to tell her about, but after she started the appointment off that way, literally coming in and asking how many pills actually make it to my mouth, I couldnt even talk to her. So I think I will be making a few calls on my own time and going to a new doctor as soon as I can find one. I think that was just very rude of her to treat me that way. I know where she's coming from considering I did stop taking my pills for a time but if she is going to assume that is still the case everytime I go in it will be a waste of my time going to see her. AND she decided since Im obviously lying about taking my pills she is making me take them differently. I told her I know I forget often to take my morning meds but I am very good about taking them at night. So she decides I need to take all of them in the morning?????? And the one that I hate and never feel good on is Plaquenil, she's now making me take more of that, and taking me off of the cellcept becuz Im not taking it properly, even though I feel better on it. UGHHHH doctors are idiots. I've had such a bad day.


03-15-2010, 07:13 PM
I agree with you, Ritzbit. At your age, you are old enough to choose your own doctors and find someone that you can relate to. I remember that my daughters and I would get upset about just the opposite sort of thing happening once they were 16. The doc would shut me out and only deal with her. My girls would have to inform them that they had no secrets from Mom and that they wanted me in on the conversation. I think that there are some sort of privacy rules that say that the doc is supposed to deal with you alone if you're past a certain age, unless you give permission.
It is time for you to take responsibility for your own health. Once you are on your own, you can't expect anyone else to do it for you.
As for forgetting a pill sometimes, we all do that. If I don't take all of mine at once, I tend to forget those odd ones. Antibiotics that you have to take three or four times a day are the pits! Add in brain fog, and it's even worse.
Hang in there, girl and demand some respect!

03-15-2010, 08:29 PM
hi ritzbit....i too agree with you. I have also forgotten my meds, and there have been times that i chose not to take them. We deal with so many things, so many bad days, so many pains, so many blah days.....it is our choice if we choose not to take meds one day. the dr. has no right to belittle you in that way. He/she may have felt like you needed a "gentle nudge", but that should have been done in privacy...you were the only one who needed to be in that conversation.

like marla said....hang in there and "demand some respect" you have earned it.

03-16-2010, 12:11 PM
What really pissed me off most of all that I didnt even mentjon before was that she was trying to scare me into taking my meds, which I already take, and it was just upsetting me. Im getting another ulcer on my thumb now and she kept talking about how things like that can cause parts of your finger to be amputated, which I already know, but she really did not put it in a nice way and was saying it in regards to not taking my meds. So I was seriously fuming when I left and then to top it off dealt with the idiots at work right afterwards and got no homework done becuz I went to sleep like 3 hours early.

dassar RN
03-16-2010, 01:44 PM
Hi Ritzbit
I know it gets frustrating at times I feel like a lab rat with the amount of medications that I have to take. Hang in there!!

03-18-2010, 11:54 AM
Dear Ritzbit:

You are old enough to make your decisions. What frustrates me is an 11 year old that thinks he can defy court orders, and do whatever he wants in the classroom or out of school.