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melly c
03-10-2010, 06:43 AM
Hi not yet diagnsoed
due to see rheumy this friday for lot test results.
since last seen ive devloped new symtpoms

fish net shaped rash over cheeks when either exposed high heat,sun,hormone surges around monthly cycle.
low grade tempertures.
2 disc shape scaly red patches
1 above right eye
1 behind ehad on scalp line.
not icthy.
giddiness,sickly,on planeqil 200 mg and methotrexate 15 mg weekly for 2 years,planequil since november 2009.

forgot say
widesprad swelling/inflammtion joints and soft tissue noted by rheumy,consitent high esr and medium level crp for over 2 years now.
only ever lowered to normal range by steriod injection for supected ra.
been told its either sle lupus or ra.

stomach upset either constipated or stingy pain in abdomen.
nails brittle break easily.
joint pain fingers,wirsts,knees,toes.
inflammtory arthritis no joint erosion.
allergies to lactose,heyfever.
gyane diansois of early endometriois.

does this sound like lupus/
dad ahd dle type,his mum ahd sle her mum sle.
ra and a spondlytitis also in family.
1 postive ana but low enough to be a normal health person reading rheumy told me.

tested me for hughes no result yet.
also urine for kidney protein?

melly c:nah: