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03-05-2010, 11:52 AM
It's been a few years since I gave up on getting a diagnosis that wasn't going to cost a fortune in Rhuemy fees and tests. Just didn't have the money, and had exhausted my belief that answers would come from all the money. So, I just go to my new family doctor to find out why my feet hurt so bad. Now that they all have access to each other's records online, he sees my one ANA that came out negative, and says to me, after I tell him I believe it's Lupus related, that, oh no, he knows for sure I absolutely do not have Lupus. Otherwise, I would have a positive ANA. Uh huh. Where have we all heard that one before? Perhaps from every non-Lupus savvy doctor on the planet?

I am so sick of being told there's nothing wrong with me, at least nothing they can find. He thinks my foot pain is Plantar Faciitis, and that all I need is physical therapy exercises, and I should be fine in no time. Umm Hmm. Why do I pay these people? I have done physical therapy, and I do not stand on my feet all day like he and another doctor he knows that had the same thing, of course, and all it took was exercises, like I already do, and it just goes away. All better.

Then he sees one of my two elevated SED rates, the one that was 64, and says that something was certainly going on back then. So, I tell him there's another one just a few years before that one that was 98. He asks me if I want to check it again. Hmmm, maybe I need to go to 12 years of medical school, but, I would think that is something he should be suggesting, not asking for my opinion on. So, I say sure, why not, after all, what could it hurt to have three of them. Oh and by the way, are you interested in any of my other symptoms, and changes? How bout the Kidney pain? Oh, sure, that would be good. Anything else? Nah, lets just leave it at that and call it good. Just take some blood, tell me what I already know, and then leave me alone.

Maybe next year, when we get caught up financially, I can afford to try that Rhuemy thing again, but, for now, I just can't afford it, and I am so done with doctors in general, that I won't be going back unless I'm on a stretcher.

Sorry for the rant, but, I just am so depressed.

03-05-2010, 12:13 PM
I am so sorry that you are back in the mire of uneducated and uncaring doctors! However, it sounds like this guy will, at least, do what you tell him to do; with reference to running tests. I know you are probably sick and tired of trying to educate your doctors, but if you intend to use him as your primary care physician, it might be helpful if you did school him a bit on Lupus. Especially on the issue about the ANA..that it does not diagnose Lupus, nor does its absence dismiss Lupus. This is basic information that all doctors should know and knowing this is what motivates them to run other necessary tests. Can you e-mail this doctor? If so, perhaps you can send him the information about ANA negative Lupus and the role that ANA does (and does not) play in the Lupus diagnosis.
Try not to give up yet because we need doctors. We cannot manage our disease without their help. So, it is important that we find a way to educate our doctors about our disease and to make them understand how our disease affects us. I hope that you have the strength to do this..remember, we truly understand how frustrating and tiring it can be. But, for the sake of our health, we often times have to undertake that task.
I wish you the very best and hope that you are able to find some true help in your doctor.

Peace and Blessings

Angel Oliver
03-05-2010, 12:47 PM
Hi Teressa,

Im sorry to read what you have been going through,but you know your body and Saysusie has given you great advice.Some Doctors do not know everything about Lupus.I have been ging through a bit of the same like you,feel like im wasting my time with them,but in the end its going to be ONE doctor that actually listens,hears me and finally helps me.Dont get me wrong,i know doctors are trying,but they can be so dismissive and a bit rude sometimes.Many times ive nearly give up and thought right i'll leave it,but members here have been through what we are going through, and then years later or months later got a diagnosis.So im going to keep fighting on until then,like you should.All the members here will understand what you are going through,so keep posting.We know how hard it can get,but just know one day you WILL get the help you are looking for.Hang in there.


03-05-2010, 02:12 PM
I know how you feel Teresa. So many times I have wanted to just give up on lupus and Drs. I have one now that is understanding, but I really don't know how much he knows about lupus itself.

03-05-2010, 03:23 PM
You're right Saysusie. Thank you. I really needed your voice of reason today.

The suggestion to email him is probably the best way to do what I need to in order to get him up to speed and get my progress back on course. There's so little time in an appointment, and I had already given one doctor a full list, broken down into a timeline, of all my symptoms, which he must have promptly discarded, as it does not appear in my file anywhere. So, when this DR started asking about my history, I wasn't prepared, and knew I would butcher any attempt to explain what I have dealt with all my life. I'm 50 years old. Too much has happened to remember just off the top of my head.

I'll keep at it, and I agree, he is more willing to respond to what I want than other doctors have been. I really do like this one, and hoped he would be more enlightened, since he is younger, but, no. I will not give up.

03-07-2010, 11:07 AM
I was so frustrated at first when i became sick and i seriously thought that maybe this was all in my head and everyone else was right that it will pass. But then they assigned me with Dr. Gutirezze my rhumetologist and he was very caring and compassionate and gave me answers and when he did not have them all he answered all my questions and when i would go for and office visit i would research as much as i can and always had questions for him and he would explain them to me. Since i started my journey i have gotten copies of all my tests and all of my hospital records and have kept a journal and he is a very caring doctor who even calls me back on my cell phone if i have something to ask him. I feel very fortunate to have him as my doctor and i wish everyone could have a great doctor. Bonita