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03-04-2010, 04:25 PM
Okay, splotchy, swollen, numbness, etc...I can handle. But plantars warts??? Come on! I've never had these and now I've had 2 w/in the past 6 mos. They HURT!
I read something somewhere about these w/Lupus. Don't remember where. Anybody else have any experience?

03-05-2010, 12:45 PM
I've never had plantars warts, but it is one of the many skin manifestations seen in Lupus. Often, the lesions in lupus can develop very thick scales, they are referred to as "hypertrophic" (thickened) or "verrucous" (wart-like) lesions. These lesions may also occur with firm lumps in the fatty tissue underlying the skin. This is called "lupus profundus" or "lupus erythematosus panniculitis" (LEP). Occasionally, lesions occur in the inside surfaces of the mouth, nose, and eyes (mucosal ), and when they are on the hands and feet, they are called palmar-plantar lesions.

I hope that you can get some relief from them...they sound painful!

Peace and Blessings

03-05-2010, 06:34 PM
Thank you! & yes they are painful. :(

03-27-2010, 06:10 PM
I know exactly how you feel about the plantar warts. I have had problems with getting rid of them for years.
I never had warts as a kid and a while back all of a sudden I had them on the bottom of my feet. I had a smaller one on one of my feet and a big one on the other. The big one was quite painful. For like two years (prob closer to three) I was seeing a dermatologist to try to get rid of them but it wasn't working so she sent me to a podiatrist. He tried putting his "special medicine" on them a couple of times and they still didn't go away... so then he basically cut them out (I don't know the technical name for the procedure). After this the smaller one was gone and I haven't had anymore on that foot but the bigger one still causes me problems. He says it is gone but I think it came back. It is still painful but maybe that is just because the scar tissue is tender. But you get used to it... you know life goes on.

The advice I would give though from my experience is make sure you try to take care of them right away. I let the one get too big and then it was such a pain to get rid of. Hang in there and good luck fighting them.