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Pretti in Pink
02-25-2010, 05:29 PM
Hello Family,

I'm back to some, but hello and nice to meet you to the new family members. I hope life has been treating each of you with kindness and when it hasn't the WHL being there has helped. I've been gone so long I forget how to us this new forum (well I really never got it done before I left).

I have been doing well, no complaints. The same ole' joint pain here and there but that's nothing to complain about. I have been working like crazy and I thank GOD for the ability to do so.

BIG NEWS- my son got accepted at UT (University of Texas) so he's super excited and I am as well. I've worked in Higher Education for over 10 years and haven't ever realized how expensive it is until now. It has helped because I know what to do and what to ask but my gosh, everything is a fee now!!!!!!!!!!! But it's all an exciting ride. So that's what I've been doing being a SR. mom and ALL of the expensive, but fun, activities to go with it. These kids these days really funny. It's amazing to see how much things change but yet stay the same. I am SO thankful that GOD allowed me to see this time with my son and reflect back to his Freshman year when I was diagnosed and really sick. So, me complain- nope. No coplaints here, just praise.

Hubby and I are hanging in there and learning what our marriage vows really means (LOL).

See, not much going on with me, just busyness!

I will do better and poke my head in more often. I continue to think of you all often and always pray for you. Until I chat again, take care of yourself and each other.

02-25-2010, 09:12 PM
Hey PrettyinPink,
Welcome back! We've missed you! Congrats to your son. I assume that you mean the UT in Austin, right? Living in San Antonio, we often thought about UTSA as being UT, so we always differentiate. I love Austin - it's a cool city to visit. Warning - those dorms there are really huge and impersonal. My daughter felt very lost there and switched to UTSA. UT Austin has one of the best Classical Languages departments in the country. We Latin teachers loved to hang out there for conferences and continued education.
I don't know if you were on here when I moved, but the AF sent us out to live on the coast of California for three years. Jeff is getting his PHD at the Naval Postgraduate School. We'll move back to Texas in 2012.
Take care of yourself and don't wear yourself out with all the senior year stuff. I know what it's like - I've done it five times!

Pretti in Pink
02-26-2010, 05:36 PM
Hi Marla,

Nice to hear from you. My son is going to UTSA, not Austin. Wow, your daughter was there, any tips?

This is their first year having a football team too so he is really excited about trying to play for them. Bless you if you've done it 5 TIMES, i about wiped out. What an exciting time for you and your husband. I don't know how you fairing with the move but I imagine him getting his PHD is a big thing. I have often thought about it but I don't think my brain can take it anymore. SO, what have you been doing with your time. I think I read a post about you seeing a PT. How have you been feeling, couldn't make it through all the post, there's so many and I really haven't learned to navigate.

Angel Oliver
02-26-2010, 06:37 PM
Ah welcome back we missed you.Congratulations to your son too!! So glad you are doing ok and enjoying life.I laughed at the marriage vows comment :) So glad you have a lovely family to help you through.Sending you hugs and many more good days ahead.

lots of love

02-26-2010, 09:05 PM
hi there prettyinpink...

so wonderful to hear from you. Wow, you son the senior getting ready to head off to college. How exciting, but yes, expensive. I remember my children's senior years...yipes it was tough on the wallet.

i can hear the happiness in your words, and am so happy for you. You take care of yourself too, enjoy this year with your son, and keep reminding your hubby about your vows. lol

02-26-2010, 10:06 PM
Hi PrettyinPink,
Four out of my five have taken some classes at UTSA, but just Hillary actually got her degree there. It is a growing university, but still has a small-town feel. The apartments surrounding it can be a little rough sometimes - be careful. Is he taking a vehicle with him? Parking on campus is expensive and it is the pits! Hillary was lucky - she works for USAA, and they paid for her business degree. She is about to finish her MBA at Our Lady of the Lake U, and USAA is paying for that, too. Your son should have lots of fun if he's on that first football team - everyone in SA seems pretty excited about it.
The craziest senior year that we went through was with our oldest - she was valedictorian. That was a wild ride! She decided to accept the offer from Cal Tech, so we had to move her halfway across the country to go to school. The rest of them were a lot easier. I'm glad that it's all over, but I'm still helping the last two to pay for student loans.
Jeff is working very hard, and he's showing his younger classmates a thing or two. He's been getting the highest grades in his classes, and they are amazed that "the old guy" rides his bike to classes (6 miles from our house). The Monterey Bay is gorgeous, and I'm awed every time I look at it. I'm not working, so I watch a lot of Food Network, and Jeff never knows what he's getting for dinner!
I'm trying to get fairly healthy, because I'm going on a trip this summer with the oldest girl. She's now a PHD in Neurobiology at NYU, and she'll be speaking at a conference this June in Santorini, Greece. She's taking her old Latin teacher Mom along. (probably because I can read and speak a little Greek). My doc is sending me to the PT, among other things, to try to make me a bit stronger.
Enjoy the college years with your boy. They do get through it, and then you reap the rewards.

Pretti in Pink
02-27-2010, 08:43 AM
Thanks Angel. Glad to hear from you. How are things on your end?

Pretti in Pink
02-27-2010, 08:46 AM
Hi Phyllis,

yes, senior year and upcoming college is tough on the pocket but great on the memory bank. Such timeless and priceless memories, that I am glad to have.

I think I have to remind myself more about the vows. I've found if I concentrate more on ME and the reason GOD put us together, it US alot. How have you been doing?

Pretti in Pink
02-27-2010, 08:48 AM
Thanks Marla for sharing. I will not be letting my son take his car at least for the 1st semester and I'll see how they turns out. We have applied for housing at University Oaks because I heard they were better than Chisolm. Yes, everyone is excited about the football team and he is so anticipating being a part of it anyway he can although his ultimate goal is to make it on the team.

I used to do the same thing when I wasn't working, watching Food Network and trying it all, how funny. I'm sure he appreciates it. You should be really excited about your upcoming trip, that is totally awesome. See, you're reaping the rewards.

02-27-2010, 09:34 AM
Yes it has been awhile and I am so happy to hear the good news about your son! This is a very exciting time for you, your husband and your son!! Congratulations. I can't believe how expensive college is now and they are all thinking about raising their fees (as well as charging for everything, even things that were once free!).
I am glad that Lupus has not been causing you any major problems:laugh: That is wonderful news all by itself. It is so good to hear from you again....Welcome Back!!

Peace and Blessings

Pretti in Pink
02-27-2010, 10:26 AM
Thanks Saysusie- It has been awhile but thank GOD no news is good news in my case. Yes, college is getting more and more expensive but they are not passing the revenue down to us. Our enrollment at the institution I work at went up 13% this semester and about the same last, we have the same amout of staff and expected to provide the same service to all of these additional students. Hey, but we have jobs so I just thank GOD and keep it moving.

How have you been?

Angel Oliver
02-27-2010, 12:53 PM
Been a bit rough but im fighting it and having a break at the mo at my boyfriends.Thanks for asking.So glad you are back.xxxxx

Pretti in Pink
02-27-2010, 06:38 PM
Keep fighting angel, you know you are a conqueror!

02-28-2010, 03:13 PM
Welcome back Pretti in Pink,

We have miseed you and congrats to your son. That is great!! God blesses us in many ways and I think the mountains we face let us enjoy the hills. I am glad to hear you are doing well.

God Bless,


Pretti in Pink
02-28-2010, 06:13 PM
Hey Faith,

Glad to be back. I like that, the mountains we face let us enjoy the hills, you are so correct. GOD is AMAZNG! How have you been doing?

02-28-2010, 11:07 PM
Hey Preety N Pink,

You are right!! God is amazing. He never forsakes us nor leaves us. My favorite is Footprints in the Sand.

I am doing okay. God never gives us more than we can handle; I have been telling myself that alot lately. lol. Lupus flares, fatigue and fun fibro.

I am so happy to hear about your son and it gives me hope that I can one day can experience the same with my children in 5-6 years. I think the more we go through; we have a better appreciation of the little things we often take for granted. I am looking forward to seeing some hills soon.

I am so glad you are back!!! Don't be a stranger!!!

Take care & God Bless,


03-04-2010, 08:22 PM
Hi Pretti in Pink:

Glad to see you are back. Glad things are going well with you. It is exciting when you see your kid/s go off to college. It is expensive though and I feel for you in that respect.

Pretti in Pink
03-06-2010, 07:35 PM
Hi Faith,

Footprints in the Sand is a classic and so on point. I am glad you're doing ok despite the side effects of lupus and fibro. Through it all keep in mind, this too shall pass.

You, too, will have the experience with your children, claim it now. We also have the an experience everyday that we are graced to be with them and we are able to enjoy those things that we might have taken for granted if GOD hadn't used us as a vessel.

I'll try not to be a stranger, but know that even when I am not here I am praying for each of you. Until we chat again..... Be Blessed! :)

Pretti in Pink
03-06-2010, 07:37 PM
Hi DrinkofWtr,

Thanks for the welcome back. Kids and college-Isn't it amazing how all things feelings become intertwined? Happy, Sad, Anticipation, Broke- but each are a blessing in their own way.

How have you been doing?

03-06-2010, 08:30 PM
Hi PiP!

It's so nice to see you on here again. I am glas to hear that you are doing well and congratulations on your son's acceptance!

03-06-2010, 09:30 PM
This thread got me to thinking about the schools in San Antonio this evening. My son-in-law's twin sisters will be graduating from the same high school in SA where I used to teach this June. One will be valedictorian and the other will be in the top ten. My poor little grandson Ryan will have a lot to live up to - Grandma was a Salutatorian and Grandpa was top ten, two aunties who were valedictorian and another in the top ten.
NO Pressure, Ryan!
I won't get to be there, but my daughter and her husband will, and I know that those girls will have quite a party. I think that they are looking at attending Texas A&M next year.
Tyler's Mom just went through the transition of becoming a Grandma for the first time. Now, she'll see the twins going off to college. She'll only have one girl left at home. I know how she feels as she watches her house empty out.
I'm thinking about you, too, Pip!

Pretti in Pink
03-07-2010, 06:51 PM
WOW- Big shoes to fill for Ryan! Looks like brillance runs in the family. 2010 is a BIG year for many. Thanks for thinking of me and sending good thoughts my way.

03-09-2010, 02:35 PM
hi pretti in pink...

just checking in on you. how are you feeling?

Pretti in Pink
03-13-2010, 08:15 PM
Hey Phyllis, I am doing well, thanks for asking. I hope you are too.