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02-25-2010, 10:45 AM
Hello, I'm a new member here. My name is Grace, im 27, and I've just found out i had lupus in January this year. Its been a long hard adjustment with the body aches, hair loss, skin rashes, mouth sores, dry mouth, and what ever else i may wake up with. and yeah, in the midst of all that, i got blessed with a baby seed...I'm 12 wks! I'm glad i found this community b/c at times i feels like no one understands what i'm going thru!

02-25-2010, 01:50 PM
Congratulations on your pregnancy!! What wonderful news. I am sorry to hear that your Lupus is still active during your pregnancy. Have you and your doctor discussed how you will manage your Lupus while pregnant? If not, please make a point to get collaboration between your primary care physician, your rheumatologist and your obstetrician!

There is a wealth of information in our members here. We even have a member who is pregnant right now. I'm sure that you will find someone here who is able to answer your questions, provide you with information, and be here when you need to talk.

Welcome to our family!
Peace and Blessings

02-25-2010, 10:00 PM
Hi Grace,
Welcome to WHL. OK, I'm counting, and you make the fourth pregnant young lady here. We're having a baby boom! I hope that the others pop in here to greet you soon. Two of them are Amanda and Leksie. I can't remember the name of the third girl. I'm the old former midwife's assistant, so here is my speech. Start eating LOTS of protein now - the baby uses it to grow and to make healthy organs. Be sure to take your pre-natal vitamins and extra folic acid. Drink raspberry leaf tea - it's a pregnancy tonic and helps to sooth nausea. Avoid salt as much as possible - it is a major contributor to edema and pre-eclampsia. Become a health food nut - eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Strike a good balance of rest and exercise and take good care of yourself.
Keep reading and learning about Lupus and about pregnancy and childbirth. If your meds don't preclude it, consider breastfeeding - it's better for both you and the baby. Check out La Leche League's "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" and the great online site called 101 Reasons to Breastfeed your Baby.
We're glad you're here. Keep coming back to update us on you and the baby. There are a lot of us who will be happy to chat or answer your questions.