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02-15-2010, 07:35 PM
:grumpy:I warn whoever is going to read this I'm ranting .... I thank you for reading ahead and helping me out emotionally.
Right now I'm trying to fight back the tears of pissed offess.:hissyfit: I'm going to do what EVERYONE here on the board has been telling me to do. Go to a differnt doctor. Heck I'm gonna go to my kids doctor at least he listens to me when I talk to him about my sons; maybe he'll listen to me too. The doctor I'm going to now is a complete idiot and everything falls on deaf ears.
I went into the clinic today because Dr. Horrocks (the dippy do dah day that I was seeing for 4 years and has sucked about 20 grand that I don't have out of me by sending me to unnesscary specialits and tests and to the butcher... errr.. I mean hospital. Is it me or are some doctors in it for the money) wanted to see the start of the "lupus rash" when it appeared. Well I came into the clinc today with the blisters across my cheecks and my whole body shaking for no reason. (my husband says I look like a bobble head. I know he's just teasin' .) Dr. Horrocks looks at me and tells me to put a cream on it. Two weeks ago he told me I had lupus. Now he's telling me it's just a rash. I looked at him and said why did you tell me I had lupus, He didn't say anything about that. Then I started piping up saying what the heck (but the other word) What are you going to do about my head nodding my feet and hands swelling? Oh it's just your litum. Your levels are too high lets take blood and check it. Well my friend the nurse (she truely is my friend) came in and saw me fighting back the tears. She asked me what was wrong. I told her I want to know. All I want is to know what's wrong with me. I'm TIRED of coming in here everymonth with something (swollen hands and feet, migranes so bad I'm barfing, my hair falling out, my legs with pins and needles[Doctor Horrocks said it has to do with my fat pushing on the nerves, that might be some of it] the blisters and rash on my face the list goes on) I want answers. She asked what he said about the blisters that are clearly on your face. I told her what he told me "put a cream on it." Then she stuck me . (I hate blood draws OUCH) long story short I was stuck three times and almost passed out because I pierced through my own vain (involintary shook while she was taking blood) I'm going to wait until after Wensday when the results then I'm going to call my kids doctor for an appointment.

02-15-2010, 07:52 PM
Good for you for standing up for yourself!!!! It is a scarey frightening thing to do, but as Oluwa once told me (at least I think it was you O), the doctors work for us, not the other way around. Keep up the standing up and you will find your answers. (((HUGS)))

02-15-2010, 08:12 PM
I agree with Sandy - good for you!
I assume that this doc is your PCP. Maybe it's time for you to start searching for a good rheumy?

02-15-2010, 10:14 PM
good for you...so glad you are making a change. I would not go back to that dr. either. Is he your pcp or rheumy? I hope your next dr. is a decent human being.

02-15-2010, 11:06 PM
You go girl!! Fire that @hole!


It sucks to keep searching for a new doctor but it's better than keep on taking treatment like that. So sorry you've been treated so badly.

02-16-2010, 06:28 AM
Hi Potts77,

All I can say, is WTF?

Dr. Mengele had better bedside manner than this Horrocks clown. Does this idiot have any idea what he just did to you? Learning that you have an incurable, and sometimes fatal chronic illness is a huge turning point in a person's life. It's easily one of the worst things a person can go through. When I first got my SLE diagnosis, it was a mind-numbing experience that was one of the worst days of my life up to that point.

For a Dr. to just flippantly and casually throw a serious diagnosis at you only to change his mind about it like it was nothing, is awful. It should be criminal. He should have been absolutely certain that you met the diagnostic criteria for Lupus before even thinking about telling you that you do indeed have it. He probably has no clue as to the emotional rollercoaster he has just put you through.

I hope that you do not have Lupus, but with the symptoms you are talking about, it is a distinct possibility. And if you do have it, you need to know FOR SURE, so you can get started on the proper meds and make the lifestyle adjustments needed to keep the disease under control. You deserve an answer as to what is causing your symptoms, not some BS cop-out blaming your problems on weight. I hear that all the time from people here. The Dr. says It's just your weight, or that you are just depressed, or you are a hypochondriac, what a crock. Oh, just put some cream on it and you'll be fine. He should have just told you to take two nothing pills and don't call him in the morning. It would have been cheaper, and equally just as useless.

Talk to your kids Dr., find a decent rheumo, and fire the incompetent a-hole you are seeing now. I'm sorry you are going through all this. I understand your anger and frustration very well. I hope you find the answers you need ASAP.


02-16-2010, 12:48 PM
Doctor Horrocks has been my GP for 4 years. He practices at one of those clinics that has a sliding fee and base it on your income. In this town an average person doesn't make more than 20 grand a year unless your a farmer.

Your right Rob I would be better off "taking two nothing pills and not calling in the morning." So this happens to allot of people? Where their weight or something else is blamed and the doctor doesn't tell them a cause?

I talked to my husbands Aunt Tammi last night who has Lupus as well. She said the only way she got diagnosed was through a good dermatologist. He did some scrapings of the outbreak and bobs your uncle there it was. She told me that all here ANA tests came back negative and the blood work for it is horse pucky. She had said that her elevation was slightly high and they overlooked it and said it was normal. Now because of that she had to have her thyroid removed (is permanently on medication for that only) she's on steroids for the Lupus. But heck it doesn't slow her down one bit. She coaches a volleyball/basketball team for the Skyline High in Idaho falls. She runs marathons and so forth.

Could it be that the doctor is so incompetent that is overlooking a slight elevation or decrease in the ANA to say I'm normal? Why is it that I walk everyday eat healthy drink LOTS of water that I gain weight and the nurse can't draw blood because she says it seems like I'm dehydrated? Yeah there are some days where I feel so week that all I do is fold laundry and sit down and read. What's with my hands and the places between my knuckles swelling so bad in some places there is a blueish tint? What's with the swelling feet? When they swell you can't see my arch any more. I'm just a little confused and I know you guys have some of the answers.

I talked to my kids doctor (who happens to be my friends brother) he said he'll work payments out with me since I don't have insurance for myself. Which is looking up already.

Abbasgirl I have to agree with you I have to fire that @hole and thank you for the support. Mountaindreamer, Magistramarla and Sandy R Thank you so much for your support I really need it. Rob Thank you so much for your concern and your similes(comparing Dr. Horrocks to Dr. Mengele LOL). It put a smile on my face and I really needed it.

02-16-2010, 10:43 PM
All I can tell you is read a lot about Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's and Reynauds and then go talk to the doc with all of this information and see what you can get done.
Good luck,

02-17-2010, 04:20 PM
Thanks marala I will. Are RA Lupus sjogrens and reynauds all related? Could one be mistaken for the other?

02-17-2010, 08:39 PM
They are all autoimmune issues. I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, and I have all of those, plus psoriasis. I mentioned those to you because if you look them up, you will find a lot of the symptoms that you mentioned. It seems that a lot of us on WHL have a few overlapping syndromes. The first rheumy that I saw refused to treat me because my blood didn't "test high enough" in any one disease. He wanted to wait and see if one of them emerged as the winner later. I went to another rheumy. She said that I tested mildly positive for four AI diseases, and when you consider that cumulatively and my obvious pain, it was enough to treat.
My point is that you should learn about the AI issues that your symptoms match, and then keep insisting that the docs listen to you and try to determine which one or ones it might be. At the very least, you need to find a doc who will treat your symptoms, and not with cream.