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02-04-2010, 03:58 PM
hi everyone well have had stressful week stephen still unwell my dog scruffy was very sick and is finally getting better mikaela back at school she is still very nervous and has isolated herself in library during meal breaks as is frightened will get picked on the neurologist rang me with some of her tests results which was good of him they donot usually do this but mri looked fine and lumbar puncture was okay he is ordering fall work up of bloods and is concerned she may be showing signs of lupus and there are other conditions he is testing for is was very adamant that he wants her to see child phycologist because of bullying and is making appointment for her himself he is worried she is suffering from depression and this is affecting her health she still has to have ultrasound because of distended liver. i have asked to be refferred to obese clinic for help in management of weight my only concern is that it is at the same hospital as the other doctors who keep on voicing there opinions on my lupus one was the neurologist who seen me for 5 minutes told me strip down to underwear andwalk across floor and then told me he didnot think i had lupus was just fat even though he had all the bloodtests in front of him telling me i did have it. also it was the report from that terrible rehabilatation doctor who treated me when i could not walk that follows me everywhere she told everyone it was all in my head after 5months in hospital and i am worried that i will be treated the same by these doctors because they just donot want to admit they were wrong even though my rheumi agrees with me i have lupus and all the tests prove it. i just want them to treat me for my weight not my lupus and i do not want them sending my rheumi letters all the time voicing there opinion so i am going to make it quite clear that i will not put up with this treatment anymore. i have lupus i have finally come to terms with it and feel relieved to finally have a answer to many years of wondering what was wrong with me and i am not going to allow anymore doctors to treat me like i am stupid after all this is my body not there,s. my mother rang and told me she was thinking back to my childhood and remember taking to doctors a few times for unexplained rashes, and problems with my muscles and i was always getting sick with pleurisy and kidney and urine infections and headaches it would have been nice to know this years ago but i will be letting my rheumi know when i see him also i have been walking for 30 minutes a day i do this of an evening because it is to hot and then suni cannnot go out in i do feel pain after andvery fatigued but i just have to persevere for my health. thanks for listening my friends be well and happy and pain free love kim l

02-04-2010, 05:43 PM
You go girl!
It sounds like you are doing better. Keep standing up for yourself and for your sweet girl. I'm glad that the doc is doing something to get her some help. Now the school needs to do the same.
I'm glad that Scruffy is better, too. We worry about our furry "kids" almost as much as our human ones.
Keep on taking care of yourself and your family,

02-04-2010, 06:52 PM
hi kim,

wow, i think this is a new woman who is posting here...hooray for you. You are correct, it is your body and you are the boss of your body. Just tell those people at the hospital that you expect "professional treatment" from them...writing letters implying everything is "in your head" is not professional.

So glad Mikaela's dr. is taking such an active role in her health...thank goodness for him.

take care and keep up the great work. You walk more than i do each day, maybe this is a challenge for me to pick myself up more often.

love ya, lady.

Angel Oliver
02-04-2010, 07:01 PM
Hi Kim,

Well done and im thinking of you all.


02-05-2010, 06:22 PM
thanks everyone for your well wishes yes phyllis i think i am starting to deal better with my life i have lupus we all do and i need to deal with the pain and not let it take over my life i am sick of doctors treating like idiot i walk the 30 minutes but i do have to take breaks but still its a start sometimes it is in the pool and sometimes it is with my dogs i feel extremely tired and sore afterwards but i have to keep on going otherwise i will become sicker with this weight also it helps with depression. my family has these illnesses and i cannot change them so i just have to learn how to deal with them they are just a part of my life now all i can do is keep on trying and not expect so much of myself i think i just could not accept that i needed help to do things around the house and i needed to just accept sometimes i need people to help me get dressed when i cannot because of pain and joints not working properly i was so independant and have never relied on anyone and this was an issue for me now i am learning to rest when i need to and accept that i now have limitation and not worry if i wake up and i donot feel like cleaning the house that i have the right to say no and that i am not going to let doctors intimidate me anymore i have lupus i know it and i feel comfortable with diagnosis now it is a relief to finally have name for how i feel and if some doctors try to tell me otherwise i will no longer stand by and take there abuse anymore i am standing up for me now and my peace of mind i am sick of feeling depressed and ashamed and letting this illness take over my life. buut i would have been able to do this if it had not been for all of you and your wonderful support being part of this group is the best thing i ever did. thankyou all i love you and send you all many many hugs my friends. be well and have great day kim l

02-05-2010, 07:34 PM
WOOT! WOOT!!!! I am so happy to hear you full of high spirits! That is wonderful news!

02-06-2010, 11:45 AM
Ooh, let me add my WOOT WOOT too! Awesome! Atta girl, Kim...you're the boss here!

I like the sound of Mikaela's neuro! Wow! Maybe the child psychologist can help kick the school in the rear about what she has to endure there.