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02-03-2010, 11:08 PM
My rheumatologist prescribed injectable MTX once a week (the change was made today)

Her prescription writing was fairly clear 25mg/1ml vial .3 ML 1 x a week
Since MTX does not come in 1ml vials - the pharmacy has 50mg / 2ml vials (which is the same concentration) I'm fine with that.
I also was provided a prescription of 4 disposable needles

What I got from the pharmacy was ONE 50mg/2ml bottle vial of methotrexate which states on it 'Preservative Free SINGLE USE ONLY

A big red flag is going off

Preservative-free and single use only in my brain says that the vial should only be used ONE TIME. Since my prescription is clearly written that .3 ml should be administered 4 times a month, Why would I use a preservative free single use only vial 4 times????? Am I just stupid? Or isn't there an infection risk with the vial the pharmacy gave me?

I called the pharmacist and she was clueless about why I would be concerned about risk of infection using a single use vial four times.

????? HELP!

02-04-2010, 06:37 PM
Mine says the same thing, but I get several doses from each vial. DH says that it probably says that because in a hospital setting, the MTX would probably be given at higher doses to cancer patients.
We keep mine in the fridge, all sealed up. Jeff always uses an alcohol swab to clean the top of the vial each time. He also uses a swab on the site that he is about to "shoot".
Relax, sweetie. It's not as scary as it seems.
Gentle Hugs,

02-04-2010, 10:43 PM
Yah - I decided later I probably needed to take a xanax and chill out. Seeing the hospital still kind of triggers some strong fear reactions from some of my experiences over the past 2 years. It kind of sucks because I know the anxiety is coming from not being able to remember several of my trips there but knowing that I was very scared at the time. Its gotten slowly better with each month as my memories are coming back post cardiac surgery but I still usually have to take a xanax on days I know I have to go up there... and I had forgotten it

I have a very curious 5 year old and a blind spouse, I *CANNOT* leave methotrexate or any drugs for that matter in my refrigerator. I called the drug manufactoror the next day after getting the replacement vial from the pharmacist and was told the preservative-free single use only vials are are not intended to be reused. After one injection, they're intended to be discarded as the left over medication will begin to break down once air is injected into it and the risk of contamination is high. Though looking around, it doesn't seem like many MTX users have the problems so it might just be one of those 'we haven't researched the rate of complications with this blah blah blah"

thank you :)