View Full Version : MTX - Injections or Oral?

01-28-2010, 10:12 PM
I'm sure this was brought up somewhere... but... My doctor put me on 7.5mg dose of MTX 1 x a week with 1mg of folic acid daily in additoin to all of my other crap. This is to get off of prednisone and lower nsaid use as both are contraindicated to heart condition.

My doctor told me that I could message her to let her know if I want to switch to injections so I did. I jut want to hear your eperiences of oral vs methotrexate injections. Improvement?

01-29-2010, 11:34 AM
I tried the pills first, and they made me very, very ill. I was doubled over with stomach cramps.
The injections aren't too bad. My DH gives them to me, alternating the hip each week. It just feels like an insect sting. I can feel the stuff going through my body, and I just want to curl up in a ball to rest. If you've read the M Day thread, a lot of us make a sort of ritual of it. It seems to be best to take the injection late in the evening, so that you can sleep through most of the queasiness. I have my shot, have a nice cup of tea and a chocolate, then go to bed. The next day, I usually can only handle a bowl of rice or oatmeal at breakfast and lunch. By dinner, I feel like cooking and eating something simple and mild. By the day after that, I'm good to go.
Since I now live in wine country, I asked my new rheumy about drinking wine with dinner. She says that it is OK in moderation, as long as not on the day of the injection. I usually give it two or three days. Since I take my shot on Sunday, by Wednesday or Thursday, I can enjoy my California wine.
Hope this helps,