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12-30-2009, 08:54 PM
My fiance` Karen suffers from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. I am devoted in caring for her. I have been with Karen for 12 years now and I'm witnessing a miracle. Her strength and determination to fight this illness is inspirational. I see her pain,yet she doesn't complain, I feel her sorrow, yet she doesn't cry. I am the one who handles her home infusions and is Karen's spoke person at the hospital when karen is to sick to talk for I am in tune with her illness and her need's. I hope to share stories and hope to other's and offer support along the way.

Karen is a 27 year Survivor of `SLE Lupus

Karen is so special to me and I thank heaven for what god has giving to me". I am at peace when I'm with her or think of our love . My wishes are to fulfill all of Karen's wishes in life's happiness and and to dedicate my life to being there for her each and every moment of her struggle. To protect her and keep her safe.

This is a story of inspiration, a story of courage, and a story of kindness and a story of support!

This, is Karen's Story of "The Will to Survive"

Karen was around 15 years old when she found out she had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Back then in the 1980's there wasn't that many treatment's for Lupus and most people died from this illness. With Lupus, patient's have no immune system and they are more likely to get sick more often. When you are told you have SLE the disease only progresses and there is no getting better. After 4 years of progression living with SLE, the doctor's told karen when she was 20 that she would only live for around 6 month's. Karen would not except this and refused to succumb to any illness! If it hurts more, I'll fight harder. But the pain and the surgeries are more then anyone could imagine. The doctor's also told Karen that she would be in and out of hospital's quite frequently and your kidney's would probably fail towards the end and you'll need dialysis and will be put on a transplant list. Over time they realized that they had a fighter on their hand's.

Karen is now 42. I believe that if it wasn't for Karen's Will, determination and courage to fight Lupus, Karen would not be here today. These are the thing's that Karen and I would like to share with you is how she was able to beat Lupus so far. Karen is a 27 year Survivor of a fatal illness which she holds a lot of personal knowledge about her disease and has proven to a lot of doctor's that her strong will and knowledge has brought Karen more success in fighting Lupus. For the stories that we will share would bring inspiration to the Pope himself!

12-30-2009, 10:22 PM
Welcome to WHL! It sounds like you and Karen have shared quite a journey in her road to wellness with SLE. It's reassuring that although the medical community gave her just a few months to live, she's defied the odds and has survived decades!

Please make yourself at home and know that neither of you will ever be alone in your battle to beat SLE. This group is comprised of many people in various stages of the disease, from all parts of the world.

Welcome aboard!

01-01-2010, 06:26 PM
thank you so much for sharing your story of survival. karen is a very lucky lady to have you as her advocate, and i thank you for standing beside her through these difficult years. So many new members share their fear that lupus will take their life....your story is another example of how we can fight, and we can learn to live with lupus.
again, welcome, and i look forward to hearing from you again.

01-03-2010, 10:01 AM
You sound like an angel to Karen. I can only pray for someone like you in my future. I think my boyfriend will be there for me like you have been for Karen, he's really in tune with my body and actions. Anyway, thank God for people like you.