View Full Version : Do we have glands in our back?

12-01-2009, 09:26 AM
Specifically lower back, waistline area near the spine?

I've had pain from there for a while. I never like that area to be touched. Last night it was really nagging me, so I reach back and feel two knots that feel like small eggs moving around and oh mama, did it smart to find them!

Are these glands?

I've been trying to find the answer myself and I can't figure it out.

12-01-2009, 11:55 AM
Hi Abbasgirl:

My first suggestion is that what you are feeling may be a lipoma (a small fat cell tumor that is benign). Lipomas can occasionally get big or be in an area that is causing irritation and pain. In these cases, they can be removed.

However, FYI, there is a connection between the lower back and adrenal glands. The muscles supporting much of the lower back (as well as the feet & knees) are related to the adrenal glands. The hamstrings, which span the back of the pelvis down past the knee, the gracilis, commonly known as the “groin” muscle attaching to the inside of the pelvis, and the sartorius, which is the longest muscle in the body going from the top of the pelvis down and across to the inside of the knee, all are related to the adrenal glands and provide major support to the pelvis and lower back.
When the adrenal glands are under more stress than they can handle, whether from lack of sleep, a poor diet (too much caffeine, for example), emotional or physical stress, illness or disease, or various other issues, these muscles will directly be affected and the support to the lower back will be lost. Once the muscles no longer support the area, you’re a prime candidate for an easy injury as the normal biomechanics are lost. If you ever wonder why someone suddenly “throws their back out” or wakes up with a mysterious low back ache, often it is because of an adrenal gland problem. The muscle imbalances are often there long before the symptoms occur.

Speak to your doctor about the lump to make sure that it is nothing serious. As I said, Lipoma's can be removed, but most often, they resolve by themselves (absorb back into the body).

Peace and Blessings

12-01-2009, 11:59 AM
Although there are probably lymph nodes in the back along the spine, what you are referring to are actually joints between your spine and your pelvis. I don't remember what they are called, but I do know that when I have bad lower back pain, the chiropractor can find those little "nodules" and alleviate the pain with a quick adjustment. Since we, as lupus sufferers, are prone to joint inflammation, it's good to get regular chiropractic care to keep everything in line. I haven't been in several weeks (and I usually go every week), and I can definitely tell - headaches, joint pain in the shoulders and back, etc. However, you can help the back pain by applying an ice pack for about twenty minutes for two to four times a day. Do not use heat! Heat increases joint inflammation, which will make things worse, not better. Try these exercises that help to stretch and move the lower back:
1) Standing upright, alternately lean right and left at least ten times each direction.
2) Standing upright, alternately twist right and left at least ten times each direction,
3) Standing upright, lean backward and forward at least ten times each direction.
4) Kneel on the ground and sit back on your heels. Place your hands on the floor in front of you, and slowly move forward into child pose (go to www yogacards com/yoga/beginners-yoga/beginners-yoga-child-pose.html (the forum won't let me post a url, so put the dots back in where there are spaces)), and then move back into a sitting position. Do this at least ten times.
These exercises also help with neck problems, and can help alleviate a headache caused by neck problems. Just make sure you're moving your head, as well. If you need, I can try to find diagrams of these exercises.

12-03-2009, 05:24 AM
I learn so much from ya'll. Thanks for the replies. I knew the kidneys could cause back pain, but I didn't think about the glands being the cause. I'm going to try the yoga when the inflammation goes down. Right now it hurts to even touch the area.

I saw my pcp yesterday and it's joint inflammation. She offered me a shot for it but I don't want to take anything that will mess up any labs the new rheumy may want to do next month. My pcp is so awesome. She saw remnants of a rash that's nearly gone and listened to my latest complaints. Had all the time in the world for me. She ordered blood tests again and will call me when the results are in. I sat there waiting on an awful nurse to take the blood...I was in agony and she knew it. Hard chairs are hard enough to sit in but when your back hurts... and the nurse is an indifferent cold person making you wait...this nurse is always like this.

Doc came over, put her arm around me and said she hates to see me in pain...pushed the nurse to hurry it up and reminded her she's still waiting on the urinalysis. She also told me we're going to pray that this rheumatologist appt next month brings help. That she'll see what she sees... which is Lupus and SS. I feel hopeful it will go well, but I'm already very thankful for a pcp that understands and cares.

What a lovely doctor!