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sick n tired
11-30-2009, 11:01 PM
Hi everyone....wow just like my title says...it has been one thing after the other...life is coming at us fast these days

Well...this is kind of a deja vu situation....our son, Timothy, who is 18 and just started college has a tumor in his brain...he is going to have brain surgery in a few weeks...December 14th....I am trying not to dwell on all the things that can go wrong...the defa vu is because...a few years ago as some of you will remember, We had a daughter, Nadia,the same age with a mass around her heart...the Lord took the mass away and she is alive to tell it...in fact, she just called tonight to inform us that she is engaged.... I hope the same will be the outcome for Timothy, but there are so many things that could go wrong...it is pressing against his brain stem and his trigeminal nerve...the opthalmalogist believes the nerve is dead...he sees double and has to tilt his head to feel any better....

Tomorrow,my husband will be going in for a biopsy on a place in his bladder...4 uncles and his dad died of either heart attack or cancer in their mid 50's....Tony is 55....I am trying not to freak out...maybe it is benign....but what if he is dying....

Another daughter just told us that she is expecting a baby in July...it is tense right now because she has never carried a baby to term...the other two were miscarriages...

We just sold our house and we are in a rent house until we buy one...we cant stay here because it has no yard so we had to farm out our dogs...

I am starting to hurt all over my body....and I am very exhausted....I can't really go to bed as there are too many who need my help right now

Please forgive my whining....You all are the only ones who might understand...I don't even really share this news on facebook...(I am on that to have a window to my kids)....

Anyway....Our family could use some real prayer...everytime we turn around right now someone is getting ill....Not sure what Christmas will be like this year...

Thanks for listening... Sick n Tired aka Karen

12-01-2009, 07:27 AM
Oh Karen...that's not whining at all sweetie. I admire your strength.

I will be keeping Timothy and your family in my prayers. Wish I could really hug you...(((((hugs)))) I wish we could be there with you and help you and your family through this.

I'm glad you shared your news with us and hope you'll continue to. We are with you in spirit, heart, and prayer.

12-01-2009, 10:09 AM
I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. Life sure does throw a lot at us. My prayers are with you.

12-01-2009, 11:44 AM
I am so sorry to hear of the many burdens you are carrying right now. I am praying for the successful surgery for your son and a benign biopsy for your husband, as well as a successful pregnancy for your daughter. But, mostly, for you to find some peace of mind, some calmness, and some moments completely free of worry and stress.
You are never whining here and we are here to help you and to comfort you. Please know that you and your family are in my heart!

Peace and Blessings

12-01-2009, 01:37 PM
Oh, Karen
Thank you for entrusting us with what is going on in your life. We're all here for each other, and we'll all be thinking good thoughts for you and your family. Keep us informed about all the outcomes, and take good care of yourself, too.
Gentle Hugs,

12-01-2009, 03:05 PM
Oh Karen,

My prayers and good wishes are with you and your family. This is alot to go through all at once and I wish you lots of strength. You must remember, Nadia came through this just fine, and I pray, that Tim and your husband come out fine too. Not to forget your other daughters baby.


Angel Oliver
12-01-2009, 05:58 PM
I'll be thinking of you Karen.

Lots of love

sick n tired
12-01-2009, 07:00 PM
Thanks everyone for your replies....ok the biopsy was today....The doctor came in and told us that it might not be cancer then turned around and said he doesn't know what it is and it might be cancer....We have to wait for patholigy to tell us something

So to sum it up....Tony either has cancer or he doesn't....:wacko:
It is almost funny....in a strange way....the pathology report comes out anywhere between 3 and 7 days so we are going for a follow up next Thursday....Honestly, I am a little hopeful...Or oldest son summed it up like this..."Well at least it's his professional opinion and that leaves room for hope....

Anyway...thanks for the support...I cried when I read some of your responses....

12-01-2009, 08:53 PM
Oh Karen, what a huge load you have on your shoulders right now. I cannot imagine how worried sick you must be with everything that's happening with your family. I know it's been a very difficult year for you and your family and am very hopeful that 2010 will be blessed with good health. Turn your worries over so that you're not stricken by a horrendous flare from all of the stress. My prayers are with you and your family.

12-02-2009, 08:13 AM
I think your son is right...that is hopeful. But oh how I wish ya'll didn't have to wait so long to know.

You can cry on us here anytime Karen. We're here for you and your family.