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Roni Shawn
08-22-2005, 03:58 PM
I am...And I am NOT happy about it either. I am so ashamed, I am having serious depression, knowing that I have 2 pills left of my percocet.
And knowing that the doc will NOT fill it before its time, which is in 4 days, I am gonna go nuts. I just know it. I have been out before and it wasnt fun. What do any of you do, if you are like me, and take too many to ease your pain when nothing else works? I dont do it for any other reason, BUT to relieve pain. The docs think different. WHAT AM I GONNA DO! PLEASE HELP ME...You people have been so good to me already, I feel like I am burdening you with MORE of my BS. I dont feel worthy of your help. I am a loser. I swear. I am at the end of my rope. In every term of the sense.

08-22-2005, 07:38 PM
I don't think that you are a loser... And I don't think you are burdening anyone with your BS... If you have a serious problem I think it's good that you are acknowledging it... BUT it also doesn't seem that you have a PROBLEM so much as you are in PAIN... I think it's a problem if you NEED them when you AREN'T in pain... Have you talked to your doctor about a different pain med, or a different dose or SOMETHING since whatever you're on doesn't seem to be enough? Or ANY other alternatives?

You are NOT a loser... Though, I hope that you and your doctor can figure something out because those percocet can be monsters!!!

08-23-2005, 07:14 AM
Let me just reiterate what solesinger said, YOU ARE NOT A LOSER and YOU ARE NOT BURDENING US!
I agree, wholeheartedly, that you need to have your doctor's look at adjusting your pain medication. Are you a member of an HMO? If so, most of them have pain management divisions and/or classes. Contact your HMO to see what, if anything, they offer. If they offer nothing, the Lupus Foundation has information and referrals for pain management (since it is a large part of what we suffer due to the many symptoms of Lupus).
Here is an article I found by Brenda Sewell about lupus pain management - I hope that it is helpful to you:
"Pain can conquer your lifestyle if you let it. Chart your pain, so your doctor can help you devise a treatment plan.
So what do you do when you have charted your pain, your doctor has given you pain medications and still you are in pain?

You are having a great deal pain and are at your wits end. Now is the time to take control of the pain before it takes control of your life. If you don't take control, the stress of being in pain is going to cause your health to continue to spiral downwards.

You need to spend some time taking care of YOU.

The stress of being ill has weakened your body and your body is behaving like any machine. When a machine is used too often, for too long a time, without a resting and servicing period, the machine begins to break down.

It is not noticeable at first. It starts with just a few creaks and squeaks. But soon, the machine is going slower and develops problems that begins to affect its performance before it completely breaks down.

This is what your body is doing; it is trying to get your attention. The pain is not only aggravating, it is a big warning sign. It is your body telling you it needs a break.

Meditation is one form of pain relief as are acupressure and acupuncture sessions. But sometimes it takes medication to knock down pain to a manageable level.

One thing you can do is to try and get the pain under control. Now, I don't mean just taking one pain pill, or even a couple of pain pills in a day. You need to break your body's cycle of pain. To do that you should go on a full 24 hours of intensive pain medication, followed by another two days of milder pain medication.

Do you know why an athlete trains and practices over and over? It is NOT because he needs to learn the skill, but to get his muscles to react automatically. It is called muscle memory. Well, your body has trained itself to be in pain.

When most people are in pain, they want relief right now and when the pain doesn't subside after taking one pill, they give up. Sometimes eliminating that pain is not possible with just one dose of medication, especially if you have been in pain for several days, or weeks. The body has trained itself to be in constant pain. The muscles now think that to be in pain is normal.

So .. you need to break the cycle. By taking pain medication on a strict time schedule for at least 3 days, EVEN if the pain goes away by the end of the first day, you can break this cycle of everyday pain. Granted, you may not get rid of all of the pain, but at least the pain will be reduced to a manageable level.

I strongly urge you to try this.. take 3 days for yourself.

Day one:
Take medications ON TIME. If the medication calls for taking it every 4-6 hours .. then choose 4 hours as your time interval. Use an alarm clock if you have to .. but keep on schedule.
Double your water intake. By hydrating yourself, you will lessen your chances of becoming constipated from all the pain medications.
Begin a pampering session for yourself .. with bubble baths, relaxation tapes, read a book, or watch a favorite movie.
Just do anything that relieves stress for YOU.

Day two:
Continue taking the pain meds, even if you are having less pain.
Use the medications on a six hour schedule on day two.
If you have been in bed .. make sure you exercise your legs to keep your circulation from developing problems. If you cannot exercise, then massage your legs. The last thing you need right now is a blood clot from being so inactive.
Simple bicycle peddling motions or simple massage of the calves of the legs will help to keep your blood moving. The wearing of support stockings will help to eliminate any problems as well.

Day three:
Continue taking the medications.
If the pain is still there with a vengeance, then continue same medication schedule.
If the pain is less, begin to cut down on meds. Still take them, just wait a bit longer in between doses.
I mean .. really .. what have you got to lose by trying? If this schedule does not work, then you need to contact your doctor. Explain to him what you have done, and that you are still in pain. Obviously, if the pain is still there, you are either in need of a stronger pain medicaiton, or the pain medication is not the right one for the job.

Whatever the reason, your doctor needs to know you are in pain. Remember, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. If the doctor doesn't know you are in pain, how do you expect him to know what pain medications to give you?
Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Let us know how you are doing and what changes your doctors and/or your lifestyle have made. Remember, we are here for you!

Peace and Blessings

08-23-2005, 07:49 AM
Roni Shawn, Everyone has had excellent advice for you. I also struggle with the pain med issue. Doctors seem very reluctant to prescribe it and they seem to get wary when asked for more. I'm also in a situation where my meds don't always take care of the pain. I normally take tramadol 3-4 times daily, but during a bad flare the tramadol doesn't touch my pain. My wonderful PA that I see inbetween rheumy visits has given me small amounts of hydrocodone for break through pain which I take sparingly. My rheumy never asks if I want another prescription of hydrocodone. There are a lot of times where my pain warrents the hydrocodone, but I don't take it because I want to save it for when the pain is completely unbearable.

Here's my understanding of pain meds and the difference between physical dependence (for pain) and addiction. Those of us who have chronic pain that requires narcotic pain relief will often become dependant on it for our physical pain. However, people who abuse it and become dependant in other ways start taking the narcotics for reasons other than pain, such as the feelings that narcotics can give to some people.

I like the suggestion of a pain clinic. You can work with physicians who specialize in this and they are not as afraid to adjust/increase/change pain meds as needed. It sounds like something needs to change for you if you are this miserable. I have to say that for me, one of my biggest fears is running out of pain meds and being in unbearable pain - so you are not alone. Take care and I hope you can find some relief.