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11-14-2009, 01:39 AM
hi everyone i just do not know whats wrong with the last week i have been so on edge and cranky i just snap very easily i know i have been in pain i think i am flaring due to stress have had to take endone for pain in my arms and legs and my neck i have had headaches i just do not want to talk to anyone just want to stay in my room went to my mother inlaws today and we always have good time together but she even noticed that i was snappy i just cannot help myself i am not like this i just want to get away from everyone and everything does anyone else ever feel like this i am finding i just do not want to get out of bed because i am in pain. sarah had lupus test results came back negative but her ana results were not good she has been referred to my rheumi what could this mean could she still have lupus or some other condition could anyone give me any ideas what else it could be . mikaela has been suffering severe bullying at school and on friday a girl spat on her and hit mikaela and mikaela was so upset she was sick of it and retalliated now she was suspended for a day and i have to go to the school they told me mikaela should not of stuck up for herself what else was she suppose to do just take being threatened and beat up according to the school yes they cannot stop these girls they are dangerous and i am worried about mikaelas safety. if they canot stop thiese girls i will have to pul mikaela out of school for the rest of the year due to the fact she is ill right now and cannot afford to be hit in the head. i am so sorry for whinging but i just do not know what i have done to deserve the hell i am going through in the last year i am so tired and frustrated please excuse my self pity i know you are all going through alot i will try not to bother you all with my problems i must look very selfish you have all so good to me i hope you are all having a goodday and feeling well my friends. i am just sick of this illness and my inability to cope anymore i hate feeling useless i know you all know how that feels. hugs kim l

11-16-2009, 01:36 PM
Oh my gosh, you are dealing with a lot and my heart goes out to you. I am shocked at the school's position on this. Did they do anything to the girl who spat on her? If your daughter got suspended, I think that the spitter should be suspended also. It has gotten so ridiculous at schools now. When I was in school, we handled our problems after school in a fight. Afterwards, the fighters always ended up being best friends. But, the problem was somehow solved without suspensions or expulsions. Nowadays, if you child is in a fight after school, your child gets arrested and charged with assault and battery!

As far as your crankiness is concerned, that is a normal reaction for someone dealing with stressful situations as well as pain due to a disease. Of course you are cranky and justifiably so. You are right, you should explain this to your family and then just take some time to be by yourself so that you can work out these issues in your mind, or at the very least, be alone so that you can have som peace and tranquility away from the stress.

Just know that we are here for you and we understand. I hope that things get better for you and I wish you the very best with dealing with the school. Make sure they understand your unhappiness about the fact that the spitter did not get punished!!

Peace and Blessings

11-16-2009, 04:28 PM
thankyou say susie it helps to just to talk had meeting with school but got know where the girl that spat did not get suspended and we have been told that mikaela hitting back is not self defence even though she was hit they said she just should have told teacher but the thing is she did and teacher told her to go away. sarah has appointment for rheumi on friday to discuss why her ana was abnormal it is very strange she has all the signs of lupus the joint pain headaches fatigue mouth ulcers bowel and stomach problems. endometriosis, the swelling and yesterday she complained of when she was in sun she broke out in rash and felt dizzy and nauseas the forgetfullness, could she still have lupus even though the lupus test was negative. it so frustrating dealing wiith all my families medical problems right now especiaaly when i am unwell myself the heat is getting to me and mtx is making me sick for 2 days after taking it and so is the folic acid. and i am in pain at the moment i know it is the stress making me flare but it is hard to control stephen memory is getting worse and repeats himself all the time and he has to get more tests i am spending 4 days out of 7 at doctors between my illness and the rest of the families i just think i am worn out i have 8 specialist appointments in the next 3 weeks between us and i am having to rely on stephens brother to take us. i have had more falls in the last few weeks and am bruised. i just think things are getting me down thats why i am so cranky and snappy its just been a bad year and i feel guilty whingeing to everyone as i know you all have problems and are going through so much it has mean,t a lot to me to have you all as my friends i am so grateful thankyou my friend for listening hugs kim l

11-16-2009, 08:36 PM
kim, do not ever worry about venting to us. That is why we are here. No one else understands what we go through, so whl is our safe haven where we can just let it all out.........what the school did was crazy, the spitter should have been punished, not mikaela.......I am glad sarah is seeing the rheumy on friday, maybe you can get some answers.......I wish you did not have all of this to deal with, you need to focus on yourself, but i understand that you can't, so just continue to come here and vent to us. As a group, our shoulders are very strong, and we can help hold you up. Please try to rest and take care of yourself. I am Sending you tons of angels to help you through this.

11-16-2009, 08:49 PM
thankyou phyllis you are a great friend i am so blessed to have you in my life i do not know how i would have got through the last 6 months without your support my only wish is that i could hug you in person your words have been such a comfort my friend oneday i hope to meet you in person to say thankyou i am glad to have friends who understand the toll this disease takes love and hugs to you and your family and please have a good and pain free day. kim l

11-17-2009, 09:35 AM
thanks kim. since we can physically see each other, i send you angel hugs.....my grandmother's spirit will deliver them, so say hi to her. she will be dressed in purple.

11-17-2009, 09:59 AM
Hi Kim,

I am not surprised, that you are a little snappy. If I had to go through, what you are going through, I would have been a little more, than just snappy, I would have ripped somebody's head off.
I have lupus, RA and several other problems, but I also have MENOPAUSE, people know, not to mess with me. I have told a few customers off, in a very professional manner, I am done, taking insults.
People can only be pushed so far and it seems that you have reached that point.
I still hope and pray, that your life will get better soon.