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10-26-2009, 04:45 PM
hi everyone woke up yesterday was dizzy and feverish balance was off neck and joints aching felt like i was going to black out very nauseated have trouble breathing. had to attend eye specialist appointment at hospital clinic had trouble with this doctor to seems the neurologist i seen 2 months ago who saw me for 5 minutes who said he just thought i was fat and didnot have lupus and should just go home and lose weight seems they are just all listening to that stupid doctor who i had last year when i was in hospital last year for 4months the one who said it was all in my head before my gp took the test when i got out and the bloodtest said i had 6 markers out of the tests confirming i had lupus also my symptoms and the fact my mother has lupus. the eye specialist read my records and told me that according to neurolgist he was querying if i indeed had it. how many times do i have to go through this how many times do i have to prove to a new specialist that i have this disease my god i have all the symptoms the blood tests why is it that this one dis believing doctor i had while in hospital carries so much weight with the others she was wrong but just would not admit it just because she is on the hospital board. i am so tired of having to expain my symptoms over and over again i even had the rash on my arms yesterday all he could say well i leave it up to yoiur rheumi after all he,s the expert but the neuro even had the hide to send my rheumi a letter telling him in his opinion i was just obese and not sick this makes me so mad . my fingers and toes a bit blue this morning very cold the last couple of days. yesterday had goverment housing out here to inspect bathroom because i took another fall also had to inform them that the paramedics could not get there stretches into house to get both my husband and myself out when we have been sick because rooms and hall ways to small they have promised to get our transfer escalated. mikaela still having trouble with joint pain and falling asleep at school teachers going mad on her for being so tired tried to explain to them they she is having tests. and to top things off my son visited yesterday and when i went to purse to get some money for the tuck shop for mikaela for school i has 30 dollars missing he was the only one around my purse yesterday i rang and confronted him the morning but all he could say was how dare i accuse him. i know it was him he done before he just does not care who he hurts even after i went to all the trouble of putting on a special dinner for him for his birthday on saturday when i was feeling so sick i feel really hurt and let down again. stephen is not well he is getting more and more forgetful his breathing is not good when sleeping i will be glad when he has sleep apnea test he still has weakness on his left side constantly dropping things is begining to have fevers again and constant mood swings and bad headaches i just want to get off this bad ride we have been having i just want some peace i am so tired the depression has been really bad this week am just crying all the time. just needed to vent and talk to friends who understand thanks for listening my dear friends love and hugs kim l

10-26-2009, 07:19 PM
(((HUGS))) I hope you see the end of your troubles soon. :hug: