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10-15-2009, 02:07 PM
Hello dear folk

I got my MRI results back from my rheumo

It would appear that i have a cyst in the cervical spine, apparantly degenrative disc desease is just not enough of a problem to have, and living with the ins and outs of lupus itself not to mention all the stuff you get with it!

Ive got to go back for another MRI on my neck as it wasnt raised enough for the scan, so hey ho just thought i would inform ya of whats occurring in my lupie life, ive done some research into it and by the looks of things it should of been treated a long time ago hence why the physio didnt work for me, it causes numbness in the arms and legs and pain, pain in the back stiffness in the neck shoulders and back.

It will be removed dunno when tho i should imagine sometime next year

peace and love my dear ppl


tiggerlishus - Heidi
10-15-2009, 02:13 PM
hugs hunni x

10-15-2009, 03:20 PM
Join the party!
Check out the thread where Amanda and I have been discussing that we were told that we might have disc problems on the very same day. We're both waiting to get MRIs.
My doc mentioned that she wants to rule out anything like a growth, so I guess that she's wondering if I could have what you have. I sure do have the numbness in the legs. However, my hubby gently stretched my back and the numbness has lessened a bit. Hopefully, that means that it is "only" a herniated disc or a pinched nerve.
Hang in there, and keep Amanda and I informed.
Gentle Hugs,

10-15-2009, 03:24 PM
Cheers yeah i will do

thanx heidi too


10-15-2009, 04:03 PM
I now kno why im having an additional MRI on my neck...

Apparantly cysts on the cervical spine are usaully attached to a tumor so thats is why im having another MRI done to rule that little number out,

As i said before i will let you all know as and when


10-16-2009, 09:32 AM
I too have degeneritive diease in my whole spine and bulging discs in my cervical spine and they hurt and give you headaches also. I have had two surgeries on my spine and have a cage and plates and screws in the thorasiac spine. The first surgery they went through my chest and broke off my rib to get to it. This took me a year to recover from. I hope you get good news on your mri. My mom had a tumor removed from her spine when she was in her 60s and did very well. Love Bonita

10-18-2009, 09:46 AM
if your are talking about a syrinx. no worrys unless you have a second mri and it appears to be elongating or widening. it seems to be common and number go up as more of the general population recieve mris. I was freaked out when they found it on me be because syringomyelia can require neurosurgury if it become clinically significant but I have had so many mris since and it stays the same. relax for now but if you have problems telling temperature by touch then you should look into it again. it is correctable by surgury I believe. although in rare cases could also be indicative of a chiari malformation ( also requires surgury) it is good to have the cervical mri. once again the tale tell for that is difficulty telling temperature.