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10-11-2009, 10:40 PM
took my husband stephen to lung specialist today seems the doctor is concerned about his lungs when sleeping stephen tends to gasp for air in his sleep and i have trouble waking him up i have to yell at him to wake him he is sleeping all the time he can wake up in the morning and by mid morning he drifts off to sleep lung specialist seems to think he stops breathing when sleeping he may have serious case of sleep apnea he has to go into hospital as soon as we can get him appointment in sleep disorder clinic also specialist wants him to go see neurologist as the weakness on his left side and the dizziness is getting worse as well as his memory. also seems my son joshua may have something wrong with his lungs i have begged him to give up smoking and drinking as his liver is also bad but he just would not listen he is having tests today also for lung capacity. have been on weight watchers since thursday diet going okay but exercise tried to do a bit each day but am in severe pain today and having trouble with my breathing i just do not know what to do about this i need to exercise but the minute i do the pain becomes extreme am also having stomach problems today my whole body just feels like crap. my daughter mikaela is still unwell her fatigue is bad she aching and complaining of headaches will be glad when they do all the tests to find out whats wrong with her she will be having lupus tests on thursday. my other daughter sarah is having problems with her aches and pains chest pain headaches breaking out in rashes scratching her skin severe fatigue stomach problems her hands and feet ache that much she has to have special bandages around them and the depression. she also has to be tested for lupus it seems we spend every day at one doctor or another these days. and to top things off the goverment housing has said they will not have transfer for me to a new place with a shower until next year so i will still have to wash in basin till then which exhausts me as my bathroom is not big enough to put a chair in had 2 more falls in the last fortnight my gp is worried i will break some bones soon but no matter how many medical letters i get form my doctors they say i will still have to wait this house is a real health hazard. well something happened today that we laughed at stephen doctor asked him when he smoked last and i told him he doesn,t smoke and doesn,t drink or gamble and he has no loose women this cracked the doctor right up he could not stop laughing so we at least could smile thats something. thanks for being my friends and listening love and hugs to you all be well and happy kim l

10-12-2009, 09:19 AM
hi kim, so sorry to hear that the medical issues continue to complicate your home. I have several family members who suffer with sleep apnea. I can tell you that once it is diagnosed and they get your husband on the sleeping machine, things will get lot better. Everyone that i know who are on this machine noticed a difference the very first night....i hope this helps his problems.,................this is an off the wall idea, but do you have "truck stops" in Australia? Our truck stops here in US all have showers, and i have used them on several occassions while camping. they charge $5.00 and the showers are always clean and roomy. If this is an option, maybe you could at least get a weekly shower and bathe in the basin in between....just idea that you might want to check on. ..................about exercise, the only thing that i can do without going into a flare is to walk, swimming, yoga, and even stretching cause me tremendous pain. I like walking because i can go at my own pace and for as long as i want...........so glad to hear that Weight Watchers is working........... Hope your day is getting better.....i love the laughs that you got at the drs. office. Like you said, sometimes it just feels good to laugh at something for a change.

10-12-2009, 10:33 AM
does your son and daughters live with you as well? sounds like maybe it could be the house making everybody feel ill, or feel worse. has it ever been tested for radon, or toxic mold?

10-12-2009, 06:55 PM

I am glad to hear you got to the doctor today. If Stephen has sleep apnea and starts the machine, I think you will see a major improvement in his health and in yours. I am sure you are not sleeping well with all that goes on and with worrying about Stephen's ability to breathe while you are sleeping.

I don't think you should worry about the excersize right now. Work the points and add excersize to your plan in a few weeks. Take it one day at a time. I can promise from experience that you do not need to run marathons to make the plan succeed for you. Just keep within your points. Do what little you can when you feel well enough to do it and breathe.

When do you expect to hear back about Mikaela? What do the doctors think is causing Sarah's symptoms? What happened with your son to make him worry about the lungs suddenly?

Do you have a grip rail in that bathroom? Can you ask someone to install one for you if not? This is scary to me that you have to fear walking into your own bathroom to bathe. Do you think if you had your lawyer right a letter you would get better results?

I am glad you got a moment's laugh today. I know it must be hard to keep your spirits up with things being as hard as they are and I am sure that little bit of laughter was a great feeling. Here's to hoping that you have more days full of laughter in your immediate future. :laugh:


10-12-2009, 08:01 PM
Hiya Kim sorry to hear you and your family having been going through such a rough patch. I hope hubby's sleep apnea is diagnosed and he gets help from the C-PAP machine. Sending you hugs and kisses :hug: :kiss: