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10-08-2009, 04:23 PM
Well everyone joined weight watchers yesterday as most of you know i told you i am a big person but have got bigger due to medication. Retaining awful lot of fluid these days. I was trying optifast shakes and i was losing weight my rheumu said to stop because it was making my lupus worse so i am now going to try this i explained to the leader of group that i have lupus and gluten intolerance and there are some foods i just cannot eat as well as my exercise will be a bit restrictive as most of you now i am on walking stick now can only go short distances without it so i am going to try and break up exercise to 5minutes about 6 times a day physio has given me a small bike that i can sit in chair and pedal and also can be placed on table as i exercise my arms am going to find nearest hydro therapy pool and try this have any of you ever tried one of these pools and do they help with pain. I dawned on me the other day when i had to take mikaela to childrens hospital that with my families medical conditions if anything happened to me i just do not know how they would cope my husband told me the other day how much he loves me and that he does not know how i have cope with my own illness as well as there,s and to him my weight is not an issue he loves me both inside and out we have been married 25 years that really gave me a boost. He said he just not imagine his life without me. And even if he knew then what he knows now about the difficulties we would face over these last 25 years he would still have married me. But i am am doing this myself as well i am sick of people judging me when they look at me and think its because i eat to much when my doctor has told me i have medical reasons such as thyroid disease and the medication and i have slow metabolism if anything they have told me i have to eat more frequently small meals as i have not been eating much so i donot burn fat it stores. Well i will see how it goes. The mexotrexate is finally starting to give me some relieve i am not as fatigue as i was and my joints are a little better but the medication is still making me sick i have reduced prednisone from 10mg to 7mg hopeful that will reduce swelling as rhuemi worried about my kidney function seems to think that is why my blood pressure is up that and my thyroid not working and my pottassium and iron levels not good. Well thats my bit of news for today be well my friends and have a good day love and hugs kim l

10-08-2009, 06:23 PM
kim -

Good for you for putting your wants and needs into action. I don't think it's any secret that I am not super model thin myself and I can understand what you mean about the people staring at you. I've done WW and it works if you work it. It works so well that even when I quit the first time for selfish reasons or when I had to stop going this last time (my flare was so bad I couldn't even drive or walk and I was too sick to go) I was still able to work the program and maintain weight loss. I have been preparing myself to go back to meetings again - the physical support of others really works for me. If you want to PM me anytime about how you are doing with WW, feel free.

Much luck and love!

10-08-2009, 07:05 PM
hi kim, congrats on the decisions that you have made for yourself. I have taken a gentle water aerobics class, but i have to be very careful. Really, only 15 to 30 minutes is all i can stand. The full hour sends me into a nasty flare. You are doing a great job....keep standing up for what is right. Your husband sounds great....he knows the importance of you knowing that you are appreciated. glad the mtx is starting to help....you have several reasons to smile today.

10-09-2009, 08:02 AM
And what wonderful news Kim...taking charge, control over Lupus, over your health..Yay!

It is hard trying to maintain a healthy body inside and out while we have an illness. I am glad you are trying to find ways to manage your Lupus. What we eat or don't...what physical activity we can do all affects Lupus in how he treats us...not totally, but it does have a significant impact, I think...

Though the steps we take to change may show small results each week....in anything we do it is the total at the end of the year. To look back, reflect and see how far we have come. You will be amazed how longer you will be able to pedal...how strong your arms will become. Strong muscles will help support our aching joints.

Yay! On the MTX..that is good news. I am noticing a bit of improvement too in the way I feel...a bit, but I'll take anything and rejoice in it...Hallelujah!

Hugs, big ones.