View Full Version : does your dislike for the light go back before photosensitivity in lupus?

10-07-2009, 09:24 AM
I was talking to a friend I met on this sight about my symptoms and the subject went onto light sensitivity. she spoke of her family always coming up behind her turning on lights, reminding her to take the sunglasses off cuz your indoors now. I thought wow I have had discussions about this with my friends and family as well. I always thought it was because my mother is blind so I got used to lights not turning on but she told me to think back I see something psychological. so I ask others this same questions
even before photosensitivity how far back does this go
do you feel disappointed when the sun comes out after the rain?.
do you feel annoyed when someone does come up behind you and turn on the light when you are reading in the dark. when they think they are doing you a favor?
have you ever voluntarily laid out in the sun for a tan?
do you hate the beach?

10-07-2009, 10:55 AM
I have always preferred cloudy, shady days. I have always been extremely sensitive to the sun, and bright light. Something about fair skinned, blue eyed people of Irish descent who have black hair instead of red being extremely sun/light sensitive. Other than checking out the scenery, I hate going to the beach, and will not be caught dead "laying out" in the sun ever. I hated the beach as far back as I can remember. On sunny days, everything is harsh, and washed out looking, and I thought this long before Lupus. I sunburn to the point of blisters in less than half an hour. Although I'm not a big fan of it raining all the time, I do like the overcast days we have here in Maine, and other than a good sunset, would rather not see the sun at all.


10-07-2009, 12:48 PM
Oh yes! I can recall having major sensitivity to light since I was a younger girl. I now kinda understand why and realize that it is not because I am nutzo.,

10-07-2009, 04:46 PM
I have never been able to tolerate sunny days. Pictures my parents have of me as a kid, always include sunglasses. Even on over cast days, when I go to pick my son up from school, parents look at me quite strangely because i'll be wearing sunglasses. Even as a young child, the sun would make my eyes water, and I remember feeling like a tightening on both sides of my temples. In high school, I remember going down to this huge plaza that is across from the school, the ceilings would all be clear, tinted, but clear. I remember asking my friends if all this glare and light, made them dizzy. Now, I can't even go into plaza's not wearing sunglasses, because the dizziness becomes unbearable. I love sunny days, and wish I could enjoy them as others do. I remember sun baking as a teenager, and I use to have to roll a towel up, and stick it over my eyes, and I would see red. Even eyes shut in the sun, could not be tolerated. I'd get this funny feeling in my forehead, and i'd begin to squeeze my eyes shut, then they would begin to water. I am still waiting for a diagnoses, but this sun sensitivity thing proves to me that SLE has always been apart of my life.