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10-06-2009, 01:45 PM
I am still having symptoms with my UCTD/SLE. They are 50% better but my dr is considering low dose pred. if they aren't any better in 3 months. I am however having another dilemma. I have a 2 year old son who is to be 3 in june and my boyfriend and I want another baby. Are lupies usually fertile? I really wanted to be off meds when pregnant but I have no idea how long it will take or how long ill be on them or even if ill ever really reach a remission and stay there. Any suggestions? I am going to be 22 nov 7th. I dont wanna wait till im 30 lol Thanks. Hope you are well. :) -Brittanee

10-06-2009, 04:04 PM
Girl, I totally can relate to you on this one. I'm 23, 24 in April, and I just got married, and I despirately want a baby. I've talked to lots of different drs about Lupus and children, and it's crazy, but they all said different things. I don't know how you feel about religion and faith, but I truly believe that God wants me to be a Mom, and that when he's ready, I will get pregnant...whether I (or the Dr's) think my body's ready or not. I feel the same about you. You have one wonderful child, and I'm sure God will bless you with another one. Sometimes we just have to be patient, and of course, keep practicing that baby-making :)

Be sure you start taking some folic acid now, I read a journal article recently that said folic acid intake is correlated to fewer miscarriages in Lupus and other Autoimmune patients. I'm taking 600 mg a day. you can get it over-the-counter or in a prenatal vitamin. I wish you well in your trials to have another child. Let us all know how it goes, and I'll be sure to update you when God bless me with a baby.

About the medicine, most of the research I've done on it says that MTX is one of the few lupus medicines that can pass through the placenta, but plaquenil can pass through breast milk, just something to keep in mind. Though you may not go into complete remission, I'm sure you'll be healthy enough to have a baby soon!

Good Luck,

10-07-2009, 07:05 AM
Hey girl. I am glad to know there is someone out there with the same desire/frustrating problems as me lol I too believe what you do about being blessed with a baby when God believes we are ready. That is why before I knew I had lupus and tried birth control after my son I never took it again because it did nothing but make me have horrible symptoms. I have been with my boyfriend what will be 2 years in march and we haven't been using anything for a while although before I got put on meds we didn't have much of an intimate life considering it was hard enough for me to get up out of bed after 12 hours of sleep. So hopefully soon God will bless us :) And meds or not if its meant to be it will happen :) I wish you the best of luck as well and heres some "baby dust*! lol Take care and I hope you are well :) *hugs* -Brittanee

10-07-2009, 07:12 AM
Oh yeah. I am also on a prenatal vitamin. I switched it out with my daily womens vitamin about a month ago. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks before I got pregnant with my son and was not on the vitamins before getting pregnant like I was with Dj. So I recommend taking them before too :) I will def let you know when God blesses me as well! :)

the wingless one
10-10-2009, 06:27 PM
Wow, I'm so glad I checked in here today! I am 27, married for over two years now and really want to get started with the babymaking already! Unfortunately I'm still sloooowly weaning off cellcept right now and this past Monday I went to the doctor and he said there seems to be an increase in the amount of protein in my urine =( I am getting rechecked on Monday and am really worried that the last test wasn't just a fluke and he won't be able to continue tapering me. Even on the schedule I'm on right now I won't be totally off until spring 2010 and won't be cleared to start trying until next fall. I definitely don't want things to get pushed back any further!

A couple weeks ago hubby and I had an *oops* moment and even though I think it was well after I ovulated part of me is like...hm...maybe. But at the same time I'm still on so many meds and I know cellcept is a definite no-no for pregnant women so it's kind of scary to think about getting pregnant while still on it. Ack, I'm just rambling now, not really sure what I'm trying to say. Really glad I stumbled onto this thread though, makes me feel like I'm not alone!