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10-03-2009, 11:48 PM
Please give me some reassurance fellow lupies....my eldest son just called me to tell me that my youngest son (age 24) was dining with friends after working some OT. Suddenly, my son lost control over his body, fell to the ground and began writhing. An ambulance was called and he was transported to the hospital. My oldest said that his brother called him and left a totally incomprehensible message for him and later texted him to tell him where he was. Oldest said that he was filthy dirty and dishelved when eldest and his fiance met him in ER.

I am some 650 miles from my home, visiting my parents and won't be back in to town until Monday evening. I'm nervous as heck. My younger son is hearing impaired and it's sometimes difficult to talk to him on the phone, especially in a noisy emergency room. Fortunately, my eldest can keep me posted, but I'm very, very distressed that this has happened to him (first time) and I'm not there to help.

Please give me some insight in to what may cause seizures. My eldest said that they're waiting for blood test results to determine if he'll be admitted.

Thank you.....

10-04-2009, 02:14 AM
hi bonus mum i can tell you a few things my daughter has epilepsy that cause seizures, and having a high temperature can also cause seizures and allergic reactions can also cause seizures and if he had recently had head injury it can also cause seizure hope this helps . love and hugs to you and your son . kim l

10-04-2009, 03:10 AM
Hello Bonusmom
I'm sorry to hear that your son is going through a rough time.
Seizers can be caused by many things. I agree with KimI, all those medical problems can cause seizers. A few other things that could cause a seizer is high blood pressure, stroke, high or low blood sugar, tumors, Alzheimer's, and even drug withdrawals. There are many other reasons why somebody could suddenly begin to suffer from seizers. There are also a few different types of seizers, which could range from a "twitch", to a full body seizer. There are also different types of medication available to treat seizers. Whatever it is, i'm sure your son is in good hands, and the doctors will get right on top of it.
Wishing you all well.

10-04-2009, 04:26 AM
Tamy and Kim are right, there are a multitude of reasons and conditions that can cause a seizure. And, there are more than one type of seizure. I couldn't speculate as to the cause without knowing more about his situation. Some of the causes are fairly benign, others more serious.

You will see him as soon as you get home. His brother is there for him, and he recieved prompt medical attention as he should have. The fact that you are not there would not change any of this. As a parent, you are obviously going to be worried. Do you think you could go home sooner than planned?

I hope this is something only minor, and something that can be treated. Please let us know what you find out.


10-04-2009, 09:42 AM
hi bonusmom, i can't offer any additional information about the causes of seizures. As a mom, i know you are very worried about your son, and i know you want to immediately go home to him. However, like Rob said, he is getting medical attention, and his brother is there. You will be there soon, so try not to worry too much. Please keep us posted with updated information. I will be sending special hugs your way.

10-05-2009, 09:00 PM
In addition to the information already provided to you, I just wanted to add that SLE (Lupus) can cause seizures. When the central nervous system (CNS) has been affected by Lupus, it can cause the following: headaches,
confusion, difficulty with concentration, fatigue, occasional seizures and/or strokes.

CNS involvment due to Lupus is usually in the form of vasculitis. CNS vasculitis is inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain. It is the most serious form of systemic lupus. CNS vasculitis is characterized by: high fevers, seizures, psychosis, meningitis-like stiffness of the neck. It can rapidly progress to stupor and coma if not aggressively managed. Seizures occur when injured or scarred brain tissue becomes the focus of abnormal electrical discharges. These seizures may be a one-time occurrence or a persistent problem. Anti-convulsant medications are used to prevent seizures by controlling the brain's abnormal electrical discharges. CNS vasculitis usually requires hospitalization and high doses of corticosteroids.

As Rob mentioned, you son received prompt medical attention and that is in his favor. I do hope that you are able to be with him soon and that you are given some answers. I am keeping you and your son in my prayers and I pray that all will be well with him.

Peace and Blessings

10-06-2009, 06:47 AM
Bonusmom, I have nothing to offer but cyber ((((hugs)))) and my prayers. I'm so sorry this has happened and also that you're so far away from him too. Please keep us updated.

10-06-2009, 04:33 PM
Bonusmom -

I am just seeing your thread today. What happened with your son? Did the doctors turn up anything with their tests and bloodwork? How are you doing?



10-06-2009, 05:44 PM
I had issues with seizures when I was about 14, and they said there was no reason I should be having them at the time...they later diagnosed me with epilepsy, and when I was diagnosed with lupus as well, they said lupus can cause seizures, but my uncle has epilepsy too, so I'm not sure if it's genetic or not. I'm sure the doctors are taking very good care of you son. It may take a while, but they'll figure out how to fix him. Seizures can be treated without even knowing the cause, mine have been controlled now for almost three years with no seizure. I take one pill a day and it stops them. I hope this gives you a little relief. Well wishes to you and your son!


10-06-2009, 05:51 PM
hi bonusmom....just checking on your son....i hope everything is ok, i know you are glad to be home and with him. Sending you continued hugs.

10-06-2009, 10:07 PM
Thank you, everyone, for your warm wishes, prayers and informative responses.

My son was sent home early Sunday morning with the instructions to follow up with his PCP and to have an EEG.

On Sunday evening, he said he felt "normal", but was not going to play that evening on his co-ed soccer team (which I thought was a wise decision).

I discussed Saturday night's events with my mom and was informed that her mother (son's great-grandmother) had epilepsy, as did one of her seven sisters (son's great aunt), which I had no knowledge of.

My son emailed me today and said that his doctor's office called him at work, but he was in a meeting and they didn't answer when he called back.

When I was wracking my brain on Saturday, wondering what might have caused this, I recalled a particularly nasty "hit" at soccer a few months ago when he sustained a concussion. Perhaps Saturday night was a result of the concussion? Whatever the cause, I advised him to request a referral to a neuro for evaluation and that if he needs an advocate, I'd happily assist in any way that I can.

BTW, my son also has Raynaud's, so when I was diagnosed with SjS and SLE he went in a had labs drawn, which were negative for SLE.

So, it's a wait and see thing as far as the EEG goes, and I can only hope they can get him in rather quickly.

Again, thank you for your kind words. I am so thankful for each and every one of you!