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10-01-2009, 07:05 PM
I was diagnosed with fibro a long time ago and have been having a HORRIBLE flare up in the past two weeks. I saw my dr today for what I thought would be my last time going, as I just was at a point of wanting to give up.
My dr thinks I may have lupus and is running an ANA, sed rate, and CBC again. They were done last april when I was feeling well, and came back negative, with the exception of low platelets and low hemoglobin and RBC's. Those always run low on me.

I was prescribed savella one week ago for the flare. I started telling the dr about the rash I get on my face, the swelling of my eyes (horrible) and the excruciating pain and migraines and flu like feeling I have been having.

I have debilitating pain in the middle of my back that spreads to my shoulders and neck. I had a scary bout of chest pain and nausea last week that went away. And I have left chest wall pain.

I am wondering what in the world I can do to ease this pain until they figure something out? should I be resting when I can or should I be exercising? Is ibuprofen best or is tylenol the way to go? I feel helpless and hopeless.

10-01-2009, 07:21 PM
hi sickofbeingsick. I was diagnosed with fibro 13 years before the lupus diagnosis. In one of my rheumy visits, i asked her if fms was progressive, because i was just feeling so much worse. She said, let's further test for lupus, and that is what led to the lupus diagnosis. Fms pain is horrible...i always have the burning/jabbing pain in my right chest, and the other pressure points come and go. it drives me crazy.....i take Dilaudid for pain. I can't take anything with anti-inflammatory med, so fortunately, she prescribes the really good stuff. I don't like to take Dilaudid very often, so mostly, i live with daily excrutiating pain. As you know, most of the pressure points are located accross the shoulders and up the neck...i get a lot of pain in the same areas. My rheumy gave me a Medrol injection (steroid), and used it as part of her diagnosis. She said lupus responds to this shot when other diseases don't. I found that interesting...you might want to ask your dr. about it.

10-01-2009, 07:29 PM
Thanks Mountaindreamer for alway responding!:laugh: I begged for pills, shots, a tens unit, anything that might help. I got nothing, so I dont think that they believe me. The thing that frustrates me is I worry about my liver and stomach with all of the ibuprofen and excedrin I have been taking. I take four ibuprofen every four hours, and two excedrin every four hours. And I see all these patients come in with pain meds for fibro and whatever else they have, and I cant get anyone to listen to the fact that i want some relief until something is figured out! The best I felt in the last year was when an ortho dr put me on a medrol pack for hip inflammation, and all of the other pains went away with it. I thought prednisone didnt help fibro. Ugh.

10-06-2009, 08:27 AM
Oh the waiting for relief ...ughhhh. If something isn't done for you soon I'd consider finding another doctor.

By all means rest as much as you can. Remember that everything is connected so if you do something repetitive/strenuous with your hands, arms, it can aggravate the pain in your shoulders, back, and neck. I can't do things like scrub the bathtub like I used to or it will make my neck hurt so bad and sometimes even inflames my inner ear.

Just listen to your body and take extra special care of yourself. You may have to do like Amanda had to do...just get in their face and state you're miserable and demand some relief.

It's not good to be taking that much excedrin...i used to take it like that years ago and that stuff can make such nasty rebound pain, not to mention do a number on your GI system.


Angel Oliver
10-06-2009, 11:04 AM
Im sorry you are in so much pain.Please mention again to the doctor about this,you need more relief and now.Rest as much as possible and please know i care with everyone else here.Let us know how you get on but keep fighting.One day you will find the right meds to help you ease.