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08-15-2005, 09:05 PM
so, i was dianiosed 6 years ago....and i know my lupus isnt real bad yet or anything....but i was just wondering how long people have had lupus and whats its been like. you know, and like, what its been like going through the different things and what not. now that im actually old enough to really understand whats going on and did a whole bunch of research (bio-chem major....research is fun!) im really really curious. so yeah, i was just wondering....if anyone would like to respond that would be super spiffy.....and if you would perfer not to email me, you can always send to my yahoo....tennisquirrel@yahoo.com....yeah.

08-15-2005, 11:49 PM
hi sara,
i'm 17 too and was diagnosed with lupus nephritis after a kidney biopsy and some immunology tests last summer. I had 14 plasma exchange sessions and when I was discharged from hospital I got seizures a week later and was hospitalized for three weeks, had another 14 plasma exchange sessions. I don't really have symptoms except those to do with prednisone and my kidney problems, but no symptoms related to lupus.
Since then I feel great! I'm on Cellcept, prednisone, adalat retard (antihypertensive) and taking a few vitamins and minerals.
good luck!

08-16-2005, 02:04 AM
I'm Val from Uk. I am a retired nurse-52 and was diagnosed 3 years ago. Lupus cost me my job but I have adapted my life to have different interests.I crochet, making handbags which I sell. I help my husband market trade and I think the outdoor life is healthy. My mobility is limited, I have balance problems and use a stick but I am lucky that although I have limited mobility I am not too sick, just have dips in health.I rest plenty as fatigue hits me badly.
I love my computer and have my own forum, I personalise signature gifs so my site has lots of pictures on it. I have lupus members on it but also many healthy members it makes a nice balance. ~I have found friends healthy and sick all over the world so whether its night or day I can usually find somebody to chat to on msn. Thats good as sleep is something I have trouble with.
Look forward to getting to know you
Love Val