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10-01-2009, 05:34 AM
Some of you know that MJ went into hospital on monday night,
he was having lots of seizures and his stats wernt good either

The drs seem to think he may have a virus which has caused the seizures, and have given Norma i new emergency proticol to use when MJ gets sick.

So last night for a bit of a senary change for them both they came up to see me and we went food shoppin (grocery to you AMs)

I got in the car, and said hello to Norma (aka stoney) and turned round to say hello to MJ, i turned back round when i heard MJ say "hiya" i nearly choked! i wasnt sure i heard him right, so i calmly said alright MJ....he then went "o0o0o0ooh hiya" i was in complete shock! i then turned to Norma and said "hes talking" she said yeah ive noticed that too!.

So we get to tescos and she goes to the toilet, im standing in the magazine dept chatting to MJ about how he is doing so well and getting better, i then say "blimey mummy taking a long time in loo lol" and MJ says "muuuum" seriously by this time im like wow does this boy actually respond to anything else i may say, So mummy (Norma) comes back we go round the shop picking bits and bobs up, i ask norma if i can get soem blue crisps (cheese and onion) she tells me to ask MJ...so i do, MJ replys "hmmmm yeah" i thought i was in a dream ive had dreams where im talking to MJ and he replies back to me, it was one of the best nights ive ever had :yes:

So we get back into the car Norma has bought MJ a new album r&b or summin got some good tunes on there, so we put it on....and guess who is trying to sing along in the background?

I was sooo proud of MJ last night, think it just goes to show even when times are really hard and u think nothing will ever get any better, think of this special young man trying to communicate with the world.......priceless moments we should treasure forever.


10-01-2009, 06:23 AM
Woo hoo!

It is absolutely endearing when kids who are challenged meet a milestone. We expect certain behaviors when we have kids, they roll over/stand up for the first time, laugh out loud, walk, talk, etc. I think it means even more when we don't have the expectations-we just hope and pray that can do it-one day.

My middle child is hearing impaired. He didn't walk until he was 2. His first steps brought tears of joy, as did his first words. It's often taken for granted, but when it's a child that is delayed for some reason, it means that much more. When he graduated college, I shed even more tears of joy and pride because he reached yet another milestone (a challenge with having Sjogren's).

May this be the start of Michael's ever growing vocabulary and singing career! So glad you were able to share in his achievement.

10-01-2009, 10:55 AM
oh jane, thank you so very much for sharing such a precious moment with us. Your story brought tears to my eyes....i could see the happiness that you felt, and the pride that Norma felt....all along, MJ is talking to YOU, and now he will sing for you....see, you all were meant to be a family.