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09-14-2009, 06:15 PM
at least i can say i have one thing to be grateful for in australia we donot pay as much for medication here as you do and as i am on a pension my medication only costs 6 dollars and once you get to expenditure of 300 dollars all your prescriptions are free for the rest of the year i have reached that point so i donot have to pay for my medication for the rest of the year the goverment and medicare subsidises our medication i think it stinks that you have to pay so much for vital medication that saves your life and gives you relief we also have doctors who bulk bill here and i am lucky my doctor and rheumi and heart specialist all bulk bill so my visits costs nothing i am so sorry that this is happening to you all peoples health should be there main priority not lining there pockets with money we just suffer the arrogance and rudeness and the self importance of some doctors here they think that just because they have a medical degree they are gods and we are either stupid or delusional and donot know whats going on with our own bodies they have lost there humanity my main problem is with goverment housing they are still insisting i need more letters from my doctor detailing every symptom and change in condition before they can hasten my transfer even though they know i cannot get into bath i need shower had another fall yesterday having to stand up and bathe in basin i got dizzy tired and off balance and fell again they are saying i may not get transfer until next year have to go on waiting list for physio and occupational therapist needs things to help me dress and help me in kitchen cannot reach or hold on to things because of muscle weakness everythings a waiting game so sick of red tape am worried will do serious damage to myself if transfer does not come soon can anyone tell me did they suffer severe nausea and diahorea from mexotrexate was vomiting all weekend and am still nauseas hope you are all well my friends bless you all have good day kim l

09-15-2009, 05:02 AM
Hi Kim, nice to finally meet you! I'm also from the land down under, and can not agree with you any more. I'm not on any pension or health care card, but my meds only cost me about 50 bux a month. Which is pretty good, compared to what people have to pay from other parts of the world. One thing that stood out for me reading peoples posts, was the cost involved with treating their illnesses. It would be great for all countries to have a medical system like ours. The last thing you need when you are sick, is worrying about finding a good doctor, and affording proper medication. I see my rhuemy at a public hospital, so all visits are free, bloods are free, and the only thing out of pocket, is medication. I see him every 3 months, and I am thankful everyday, for the great medical system we have here. I don't think I could afford being sick any place else. Well, i'm looking forward getting to know you. Take care, and keep smiling

09-15-2009, 05:46 AM
hi kim, and tamy,i am so glad to hear that you both are happy with your medical care....receiving medications at a minimal cost is truly a blessing.kim, yes, methotrexate causes nausea, cramping, vomiting.....my dr. gave me a "recovery med" that i take if my side effects are really bad. The name is Leucovorian, and it calms the stomach issues. Also, do you take the pill or shot.....the pill causes more stomach issues than the shot....if you take the pill, you might want to ask dr. to change to shot.