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09-14-2009, 09:31 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for being away so long, but I was out and about enjoying my last bit of freedom before going back to work. (I'm an elementary school teacher). Once I'm teaching, I am limited to NO LIFE after work if I am to remain somewhat healthy. Well, I was out shopping, walking the labyrinth, volunteering at church, visiting friends and family, going to the state fair, getting ready for the lupus walk... and last Tuesday was work. Amazingly, though, I'm doing GREAT!!! Well, I sort of collapsed on Saturday and slept all day, but I guess that's understandable. Yesterday I caught up, though. I went to church, went grocery shopping, made a crock pot dinner, and mowed the lawn in the evening. Whew! Today I'm feeling okay.

Technically I've been in remission since July, but I'm still having a hard time believing it. I went back on Plaquenil, even though the rheumy told me to discontinue it. I know, I know, I should listen, but I feel a zillion times better, tons more energy when I'm on it. And we're supposed to listen to our bodies, right?!?

Anyway, I plan to be around much more now that life is in a routine and I'm not out playing anymore.

On a positive note, I LOVE my new class!!!!! They are so funny, so much fun! I hope this is my best year ever, and that I stay healthy enough to enjoy them.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll try to catch up with everything I've missed lately. :yes:

Angel Oliver
09-14-2009, 12:31 PM
Oh this is such a lovely thread to read my friend.Im so happy to hear the happiness pour out of you.You so deserve this,you are so special.I hope your class are a lovely bunch and your health continues to stay like this and get better.Wow you have been so busy also well done.Hows little Brandi doing? I so hope the seizures are staying at bay.One brave little dog you have and strong like you.
Im sat here with a smile at your happiness and hope it continues.Missed you and so glad to hear from you.

Love n gentle hugs

09-14-2009, 01:34 PM
hi brandichi,wow, you bring hope to so many of us....i am thrilled that you are enjoying your life, your teaching, your church, etc. I don't blame you about the plaquenil....i would be afraid to come off of it myself.hooray that you will be around more....i hate to see all of excitement and fun slow down because of teaching, but i am so glad that we will be enjoying your company.what grade are you teaching this year? how fortunate your kids are to have a teacher that loves her job....you are a special lady.

09-14-2009, 01:37 PM
Finally, some good news from somebody. Good for you.


09-14-2009, 04:30 PM
OH CHERYL!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY for YOU and to SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!! MISSED YOU!!!!!!! IM so gald you were away for GOOD reasons!!!! You get an applause for being a TEACHER!!!!!!!:heart::arms: THANK YOU for ALL YOU DO my FRIEND! GIVE Brandi kisses from me!!!!!!

09-15-2009, 05:03 PM
Awwww, thanks for such a warm welcome back! You are such great friends and I am so happy to be back here!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

I teach 5th grade, 10-11 year olds, all subjects except art/music/phys ed. I have a big class, 26 kids, but believe it or not I am enjoying it much more than the 18 I had last year. Well, except for when it comes to grading papers! And thanks so much, mountaingirl. I do love teaching and I'm so grateful that I have a job I enjoy (most of the time!). My boss is really understanding of my lupus restrictions too. Everyone in 5th grade (kids & teachers) are going to camp tomorrow for 3 days/2 nights, but I am staying back at school with the kids who can't go. I'm going to make sure it's a fun time for them since they're missing out on all the excitement of camp. So far I plan to make fudge with them, rice krisipies treats, put on a short play for the little kids, write a 5th grade song that they can sing/teach the others when they return, and playing tons of math games. Oh, and on Friday they will bring their pillows/sleeping bags/slippers, and we'll "Cuddle Up and Read" for a couple hours. They always love that, and truthfully, so do I! :)

Thanks for asking about Brandi, Angel and Jeannette. She's doing okay, she is a strong little dog. She had a couple seizures recently, but they were very mild, and I'm not changing her meds yet. I'm really thankful that she's been happy, playful, and snuggly lately, and I'm enjoying every moment I have with her. She's 8 years old, but Chihuahuas can live for nearly 20 years. My mom's was 17 when she died, and I hope and pray Brandi has that many years too.

And one thing I want to say - there *IS* hope! Three years ago, when I was first diagnosed, the rheumy never thought I would survive. The lupus had attacked my lungs so badly that I literally could not take more than three steps without gasping for breath. I was on a nebulizer for nearly a year, 4 times a day. Now I'm able to work full time (okay, if I do nothing else, but still...), I feel great, and I am looking forward to the rest of my life. Yet I realize full well that tomorrow I could wake up in a major flare that has attacked one of my organs. But for now, I'm living in the moment, full of gratitude. And I'm so glad all of you are here!!!!!!!

09-15-2009, 05:45 PM
hi brandichi,thanks for the encouraging words....yes, things don't have to always be bad, we can enjoy better days.....your story is proof of this.wow, i wish i could have gone to your school....you are a special teacher and i am positive that you make the difference in the lives of many children...my daughter, amber, is a special education teacher....she is especially gifted with autistic children....she, like you, is one of those special teachers. She is my daughter who had breast cancer at age 31, her children were 3 and 4.