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09-11-2009, 11:33 PM
Well, I just thought I'd let all my cheerleaders know.....I actually went to my gynecology appointment yesterday! I hadn't been there in 3 years. Which is not good since we had been following some rather ominous looking ovarian cysts that he thought were probably endometriosis but wanted to keep a close watch on them to make sure they didn't start growing (a poss. sign of cancer). The last time I was there, in 2006, they had just begun to shrink a bit. He was of the belief that once I entered menopause, the cysts would hopefully begin shrinking significantly, once the estrogen quit feeding them.

Well......lo & behold.......I had my sonogram, and the largest cyst, which was 8.8 centimeters (huge) has now shrunk down to only 3.5 centimeters!!!! WOW!!! (I've been in menopause almost 3 years.) The others are shrinking too. I have two fibroids that are about the same.

I had my annual pelvic exam & pap smear after the sono......we girls know that's not the most fun thing to do. I would like to be almost anywhere but in that vulnerable situation. But my gyne has always been such an easy going guy, very nice and always puts me at ease. We chat about all sorts of stuff while he's doing the exam.

He did recommend I go for a mammogram, since women in their 50's start having a higher incidence of breast cancer than the younger gals. We have a wonderful Susan G. Komen center here in town, I've been there before and they are quick, and accurate. But that means there's one more "to do" thing on my list now. Ugg.

So anyway.......the gyne appt. was a biggie because it was the first thing on my "to do" list. Now that we know that the cysts are shrinking big time (what a relief) and that everything else got a good report......I have 5 more things to do.

1) eye exam to check my retina
2) rheumy appt. to check for lupus
3) mammogram
4) reg. doc's appt. at his request just last week
5) dreaded written driver's test

My regular doc needs to have me check in with him occasionally due to the amount of meds I take. He's a great guy and I don't mind going, except that it's another blasted doc appt., which I am so sick of. But once I get it done, then that will be that. So I'll do it.

Besides.......hubby came home from work sick tonight. I felt a little sore throat myself yesterday, so maybe by the time I get in to see Dr. C, I will be sick....haha.

I have to take the driver's test on or before September 22, or else I will be unable to drive due to that being the expiration date. I was hoping to take the test next week, but if I'm sick.......???

I have the eye appt. scheduled for the 21st and the rheumy appt. scheduled for the 29th. I still need to schedule the mammo.

Anyway.......that's it for now. Thank you guys so much for your support. I KNOW I never would have gone if it hadn't been for your encouragement. I feel so good now that I went to the first appt. and got it out of the way. I can breathe a little easier knowing that the cysts are shrinking away.

I'll keep you informed as I make it through the "list". xoxo

09-12-2009, 05:23 AM
I hope the picture I attached shows. It's the first time I've tried it this way.



Personally, I think the gynie appt is the toughest.

So glad the cysts are shrinking! Wonderful!!! So sorry hubby is sick. I'm hoping and praying he heals fast and you stay healthy.

Don't worry about the what ifs, sweetie. Breathe, relax, take it easy on yourself. No stress... so you'll be happier and healthier.

I'm so happy for you! That was a big step!

09-12-2009, 09:54 AM
good for you for going and HOORAYYYY for shrinking cysts! I agree with Abbasgirl - the others don't seem so bad now. As much as I love my gynie, I would rather be legs down then legs up at the doctor's anyday.
On the driver's license. Did you get the book to study from DMV? I am a big believer in the power of positive thought and prayer. I think you should believe that you will feel terrific and pass with flying colors that day. The mind/body connection is amazing. I believe that if we truly believe something hard enough, we have the power to make changes happen within ourselves. They are mostly little changes like "today is the day I will quit smoking" but sometimes they are big huge "I will walk again" changes. I think this works in opposites too. If we believe something bad will happen, usually it will. So think positive about feeling well enough to take the test that day because every little bit helps and sometimes the littlest bits have the greatest changes. :yes: Good luck on your test!

09-12-2009, 10:40 AM
Hooray Porchy!!! Glad that you went to see the Doc and found out the cysts are shrinking 3 years is a long time to not know--what a relief :cute: Hope the rest of your tests go well. :hug: :kiss:

09-12-2009, 06:42 PM
Good for you and hooray that the cysts are shrinking and, so far, things look promising. Keep up the good work of making and keeping appointments and taking charge of your health care!

Way To Go!

Peace and Blessings

09-13-2009, 08:05 PM
Thank you, all, for your continued support!!

This week's challenge...........driver's test! I WILL pass with flying colors!!! (positive thinking) :yes:

I'll report back here afterwards.

09-14-2009, 05:10 PM
NOW THAT DESERVES A BIG WOO HOO!!!!!!! :thumbs-up::8:

09-14-2009, 05:27 PM
wow, porchy,when you make up your mind, you get down to business.....congrats on all of your achievements....i agree, the gynie is a biggie, and now you have it behind (no pun intended) you. so happy to hear that the cysts are shrinking....something is going right.now, "forward hoe" to the drivers exam....i know you will pass with flying colors, there is no stoppping you now.congrats, keep us posted.

09-14-2009, 07:53 PM
I'm liking that positive thought. You can do it!!!!!!!!! (((good vibes, good vibes, good vibes)))