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08-12-2005, 08:11 AM
hi all I have a question. I had requested my medical records before I moved and I received all but the echo report. When I moved I called them back and said I did not receive the echo report. To me I felt that it was done intentionally, and this was prior to me realizing that maybe it was. I got the report and quess what the age and date of birth was wrong on my report. I dont even know if this is my report or not. I called the facility back and told them that my date of birth was wrong and how do they know that this is my report? they said they would find out. The reason I had this report done in the first place was because my pulmonary function test reveiled I may have pulmonary hypertension and the rheumy still felt I had it even after he received the echo report. What do I do? How do I really know that this is my report or not? If they try to change the date of birth on this medical record wouldnt that be considered fraud? Thanks for any info. by the way I do know that when they do the echo that they use your date of birth as your indicator. pearl

08-12-2005, 06:57 PM
Interesting and DIFFICULT issue. All sorts of privacy implications too!

I'd talk to the head of the clinic, or the Vice President of Patinet Care if it was at a hospital. Mention that you're concerned about a HIPAA (Health Ins Privacy and Accountability Act) violation as you aren't sure you have YOUR medical record due to the wrong birth date. Since you know that records are marked based on age/DOB, this is a concern.

Privacy issues are a BIG issue with healthcare right now, so if you go from that angle, you might get faster results.

Let us know what happens!