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09-10-2009, 09:58 AM
what are some of the side effects?

09-10-2009, 01:38 PM
hi bt1206,

the long term side effects of mtx are very frightening, but these possibilities are in the future, and will probably occur without any prior notice. I worry about them, but i had to have relief for the present. I do know that my dr. watches my liver very closely....she told me last week that i could take mtx forever as long as my liver did not get damaged.

short term effects (for me) include headaches, body aches (flu-like), stomach cramps, extreme fatigue (sleep all day), muscle cramps. These symptoms sometimes hit really hard and i have a tough day, and sometimes i hardly feel them at all. They last for one day. The next morning, i wake with incredible energy and i am in no pain....it is just too strange, but it is absolutely working for me.

i usually feel pretty good for 3 to 5 days (varies, just like the side effects). Actually, i can now keep going just about every day....a few days i keep moving with the pain, but seldom do i get put completely down from lupus.

hope this helps.

09-10-2009, 03:28 PM
thank you. i seem to have similar effects. other meds. i take are percocet,morphine sulfate,clonazepam,gabapentin,nifedipine er/xl,catapres-TTS1,carvedilol,torsemide,omeprazole cap,prednisone tab,pravastatin sodium,klor-con m20,lantus,doxepin,folic acid,fluoxetine hcl,caltrate,docusate sodium,nystatin,tizanidine hcl,testosterone injection 1 every 2 wks.,metanx,and aspirin.

09-10-2009, 05:00 PM
good god bt1206, your list of meds is never ending....so sorry you have to take so much.

I am taking methotrexate in an effort to avoid prednisone. I notice that you are on both....i am curious as to why you have to take both.

I also take folic acid, caltrate, and the aspirin. How much folic acid do you take?

I have a question about the tizanidine....is this a muscle relaxer? My rheumy started me on a new med and i think that is the name (i am on the couch and too lazy to get up to check) ....just wondering if this is the same thing, what is your opinion about taking it.

09-12-2009, 08:38 AM
what day do you take your mtx? I take mine on Monday, and there are several people who "shoot up" (ha ha ha) on friday or saturday.

we have a strange little club under "medications", it is named MTX day....you should check it out....we just keep a watch on each other and joke about the kind of chocolate that we reward ourselves with. Our friend I See Dead Monkeys (jane) started the club, and we named the club "yada heads"---yada means strange medicine....

hope to see you there

12-13-2009, 05:30 PM
Phyllis-How much folic acid do you take daily?

12-13-2009, 06:17 PM
i also take my metho on Mondays and i too worry about the long term affects but i have to trust my doctor and get regular blood work done. I really do not want to take any of these meds but what are we to do without them. Bonita I take about 1200 mgs of folic acid every day for side affects