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09-10-2009, 02:33 AM
I have been treated like a drug addict! It's rediculous! I have life long debilitating diseases that will never go away, and my clinic has started this PAIN CONTRACT in which anyone with chronic pain has to sign in order to get pain medication. NO BIG DEAL RIGHT! WRONG! With this this contract you agree to being drug tested at anytime, you have to cut back on your pain medication, you have to get your prescriptions at one pharmacy, and much much more. It's extorsion! sign it or no meds! What is a person supposed to do? I have a very good history of not abusing my pain meds, in fact several past doctors have stated in my medical record how responsible I am with my meds. Why does this Dr. treat me like this. I feel like I am trapped and can't get a good Dr. because of this pain contract. For instance I was at the clinic for a visit with my gp and he said ok we are going to do your random drug test today. OK I am ok with that. I go down to the lab and do my business in the cup. I gave it to the lab tech and he said I didn't go enough. It was half full! OK he tells me to go home and come back tomorrow. So I went home. 30 min later I got a phone call, It was my GP he was practically yelling at me and told me to come back there immediately to give a urine sample. So I grabbed a big bottle of water drank it all and drove back to the clinic. I went to the lab my Dr. was waiting IN THE LAB for me to leave my sample, and he looked UPSET. I did my business gave them the cup and went home and Cried my eyes out.:cry4: 5 days later I get a letter in the mail with my results. It found NO NARCOTICS what so ever. I was taking hydrocodone off and on as I needed it for pain. and the levels of hydrocodone didn't even show up on the test. NOW I ask you does that sound like a drug addict. I don't think so!!! I feel violated! Why can't a person with chronic pain go to the doctor when they have a problem, get the medication they need and not be looked at as a addict. In fact when I first saw this Dr. I brought all my medication in to him to show him the dates filled and how many were left some of them were almost 6 mo old and over half full. He took them away from me. They were my prescriptions... Obviously I don't abuse my medication or why would I still have so many left after such a long time. Sorry to go like this but I am just so ANGRY with my GP. I think I will be finding a new GP VERY soon! Small town, not much choice!

Thanks for putting up with my little rant!
Have any of you had anything like this happen to you?
Would love some feed back!

Angel Oliver
09-10-2009, 04:18 AM
OMG this is OUTRAGEOUS!! Im sorry you have been through this.Oh this is so not right.You have human rights!! I would look into this,you are very sick,how dare they treat you this way! I can not believe this happens,how soul destroying.I think you need to get some advice on this as ive never heard of it and its not right that they can treat you this way. I hope you can move soon and get another Doctor.I know its probably difficult too,but you've enough stress to deal with.Im so angry for you right now.Sending you hugs.Just hang in there,others will post soon.

love Amanda.xxxx

09-10-2009, 07:43 AM
Is this a policy of your Dr., or is it some sort of state law? Either way, it's absolutely over the top ridiculous. I have to wonder what legal basis there is behind doing this. It certainly is a gross violation of your privacy in my opinion. Is there any way you could seek legal advice in regards to your rights in this situation? If it's just a policy of the Dr.'s office, I would think you could find a lawyer who would help you with this, maybe for free/pro-bono. I would challenge this with any resources you have at your disposal.


Edit-Here's an interesting article I found. Click the link below-


09-10-2009, 08:56 AM
i had my gp give me presciptions for cymblalta and zoloft at the same time. i was taking 160 mg combined. thats enough to kill someone. it can cause seritonin syndrome. this can lead to heart failure. i quit taking both meds when i found out and quit seeing that doctor. i had a reaction to novicaine at the dentist office. i was getting a couple of teeth pulled. he had me leaned back in the chair, one tooth already out, trying to get the other one out. i stopped him and said "i feel funny, my heart is racing and i feel like i'm gonna pass out." i guess this irritated him a bit since he was right in the middle of removing my tooth, and he said in a really loud voice "you aren't on cocaine are you? if you have taken any this could cause a serious reaction with the novicaine" i just quietly answered no and he went back to pulling teeth. there were other people in his office at the time so they were probably wondering what had caused all of this comotion. this was during the time that i was taking the meds mentioned above. which was probably the cause for the reaction to the novicaine. if i was in your situation i would drive out of my way to see another doctor. i would also report him to the health board or something. there must be something you can do. he should not be able to force people into this.

09-10-2009, 10:01 AM
I have never heard of such a thing...I think the MD's/Dentists in this country have backed themselves into a corner,,there are so many who are over RX-ing and are getting in trouble, so once again the good suffer for the bad. There is a local dentist by me who just lost his license for a RX fraud with a friend. All the high profile cases on TV are bringing this situation to light. Anna Nicole Smith/ Heath Ledger/ Michael Jackson. All had RX's from MD's...not just street drugs.

09-10-2009, 12:23 PM
How dare he treat you like that. I am so outraged, you would think it had happend to me. What a jerk. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Something simular has happend to me, but not from my doc, from my pharmacist. I take Ambien every day, for about 9 years now. My doc has to hand me the prescription, he can't call it in, because it is a narcotic. I get 30 pills in each prescription, I had 2 left, went the doc, he gave me a new presc. and with that I went to the pharmacy, but the idiot said, I should have 2 left and to come back Monday. I told him that I was going out of town. He said "I don't care". That is when I lost it and told him, " who do you think you are, my doctor thinks it is ok, my insurance thinks it is ok and you Mr. Nobody say no to me?" " Do I look like a junkie to you"? " I asked you a question, do I?"
He said," no mam". So I told him to give me my prescription back and went to a different one. Since then I pulled out all my prescriptions from there and took them to another pharmacy.


09-10-2009, 02:41 PM
hi smokerscat94.

i take dilaudid for pain....i have been on for over 10 years and never abused it. a few months ago, my rheumy said that the new law required me to sign a contract stating that i would only get my script from one dr., and that i would use only one pharmacy....i can change pharmacies, but i have to notify my dr. this is an inconvenience, but i did not mind.....

However, mine states nothing about being drug tested....that is over the top...and unnecessary....they can tell by your refills whether or not you are abusing the med....

you are absolutely justified in being outraged at the way your dr. treated you....i hope you can find another dr.....if you have a rheumy, can you get your meds from him/her?

so sorry about the way you were treated....don't let this pile of s--- get you down.

09-12-2009, 03:58 AM
First I want to thank you all for your thoughts and opinions! You all have made me pick myself and realize I can find a new doctor that really does care & is knowledgeable.

I found a internal medicine dr. today who is now my primary care physician! YEAH!! I am very happy with him. He reviewed my entire medical record, which no GP has ever done completely. He is very familiar with SLE and agrees with the proposed diagnosis. He believes that I will very soon be diagnosed with SLE by rheumy. He was very caring, and compasionate. I was really impressed and am very hopeful. I told him what my former GP did to me, and he said that was unprofessional, unethical, and rude. He did not make me sign a pain contract, because he read my file and is confident that I don't abuse my meds. I also told him I wanted to try alternative methods for treating pain. I even asked him about cannabis research. He was ok with me trying it. I am also trying cloves in tea for pain relief.

I really appreciate all your support and advice thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!