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09-09-2009, 11:58 PM
hi everyone just so terribly angry and severly depressed and embarrassed just can,t take it anymore i am so tired of fighting do not know how much more i can take went to neurologist for check up they asked did i have any new symptoms so i told them about burning and electric shocks after pulling me around making me lift my legs my arms bend and walk and going over all my history over again he made me take my trousers off parade up and down in front of 2 interns all were male in my underwear he wanted to know how my rheumi came to the conclusion i had lupus i showed him original bloodtest results which indicated i had lupus told him of multiple miscarriages and joint pain , headaches trouble with breathing, sensitivity to sun balance problems, stomach problems, severe fatigue , protein and blood in urine constant urine infections and that my mother had lupus and the memory problems the depression and he said well you have no rash now at the moment i expalained its not always there. well he said well your rheumatologist must think he knows what he is doing but i have doubts you have lupus i just think your fat and thats why you have pain he said i can send you to an obesity clinic but i cannot help you lose wait get dressed and go home in my opinion you should not be taking any prednisone i felt so embarrassed being treated like that in front of to other men in my underwear he said he would send his opinion to my doctor. i feel so defeated why can,t i get anyone to listen i have had a weight problem for years but i never felt fatigued and severe pain only in the last few years i am sick of people insulting me and doctors not believing and telling me its all in my head i feel so ugly and so hurt right now i am giving up i can,t fight anymore i have so much pain from being pulled around right now i feel like everyone would be better off if iwas not around anymore to be a burden and embarrassment to everyone i just want this nightmare to end sorry i am even burdening you all with attitude and i know you are all going through hell sorry kim l.

Angel Oliver
09-10-2009, 04:35 AM

Im believe you have the right attitude and i soooooo hope they asked your permission to have the interns in the appointment with you.My advice......GET ANOTHER RHEUMI FAST!!!

yOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL person not ugly its just how they made you feel.Im so angry for you,but please remember my post from yesterday...''never give up because..''.You can get through this.Some Doctors like yours yesterday show off in front of interns to up their own ego.He;s a pratt with attitude and i would today call the doc or his secretary and tell him how yesterdays appointment stressed you out and how unhappy you feel.I did this ! I was gonna ask for a seconf oppion yesterday,but as it turned out,because I SPOKE WITH ATTITUDE, even though inside i was freaking out,the appointment turned out better.I even once not so long ao wrote to my rheumi telling him how unhappy i was at his constant contradictions and yesterday i told him i dont like it when he yawns in my face.This doctor you saw yesterday is BANG out of order.You have the eveidence of your illness,is he god all of a sudden? No....he sits on the toilet like all of us do.He's a person,as someone told me from here the other day.
Dont you give up cause of this prat,you have come along way,to far t give up now.We will all help you and advise you,so please hang in there my friend.Your time will come i promise.Others will post soon,we will all help you.
Oh i so want to call him for you right now....hes a pratt!

Love n gentle hugs

09-10-2009, 03:04 PM
Screw them kim!!!! YOU KNOW YOUR body , NOT THEM! LISTEN to IT and keep searching until you get a dr that will LISTEN and HEAR you as well!! YOU ARE STRONG and YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!!!!!!:yes: Your just having a moment that we all can have and have had, get your mental state of mind on a LIONS PATH at EVERY DRS APPT you HAVE and if they dont HEAR you then TAKE THAT LIONS ATTITUDE ELSEWHERE!!!! Its draining i know BUT we are here to help you!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

09-10-2009, 06:23 PM
Thankyou angel and lucky it was not my rheumi that made these comments but the neurologist he thinks he knows better than my rhuemi my mother inlaw has the same rhuemi and she is going to see him today and inform my rhuemi how this neurologist treated me i just feel so defeated right now the depression has hit me hard it was just the embarrassment i know i am overweight i just didnot need to have someone announce it to the rest of the clinic the door was open and everyone could hear the trouble is they keep on reading original report from that horrible doctor who saw me when i first got sick bad and was in hospital for 5 months the one that said i had conversion disorder and that it was all in my head she was the one that said i had drug seeking behaviours because i ask for something for pain at that stage i was in wheel chair and was suffering severe joint pain and debilatating headaches i did put official complaint in against her but nothing was done not even apology you see they all work together and stick together looks like her mis diagnosis is going to haunt me forever my rheumi is the only one who believes me but i am worried that if this neurologist sends him a letter stating he thinks i do not have lupus how my rheumi react i just do not want to keep on fighting doctors i am so tired of having to explain myself i tried to tell this guy that i have been overweight since i had first child and i have thyroid problems my weight was never a issue i was walking normally not having to rely on stick i have had lung and chest problems for years and the headaches and the sensitivity to sun always felt dizzy when i went out in sun and recurring kidney and urine infections mouth ulcers hair loss not severe rash but red scaly patches on my body and face multiple misscarriages joint pain even from a kid my legs would just feel weak and i would fall doctors could not figure out what was going on then and bloodpressure problems my mother also has lupus but apparently this neurologist thinks these symptoms are because i am fat or its in my head. I just feel so terribly embarrassed just want somebody to listen and believe me just hope rheumi does not take this doctors side i am so sick of this stick together attitute i have not slept all night just cried i want to fight i really do but i can,t find the will anymore i just feel like i would like to go to sleep and not wake up and i just am trying to fight this down feeling but it is so overwhelming i love my husband and children but i hate what this is doing to them having to ask my daughter to help dress me because my hands are not working or i can,t lift my legs because of pain she is only 14 i should be looking after her. Thanyou for your kindness and friendship i really appreciate it and i will try love and hugs kim l

09-10-2009, 07:36 PM

I'm embarassed for the Dr. who said the things he said to you. He sounds like an insensitive, pompous you know what. I hope you find one that treats you well, like you deserve to be treated. Don't dwell on what he said. Just consider the insensitive and pompous source from which the words came from.

09-10-2009, 07:47 PM
hi kim,

the way that this a-- h--- treated you is absolutely outrageous....he had no right to do this to you, and don't you let him get you down.

tomorrow, you might think about calling your rheumy's office and explain to the nurse or office person what happened to you, tell them your fears about what your rheumy will think, and let them help you.

this dr. should be hung by his heels in the middle of the office.....how dare him.

kim, i am so sorry that this happened to you...you have been through so much this year, and this guy was absolutely out of line.....

you are a beautiful person who is very sick with a disease that does not necessarily show on the outside. your family cherishes you and we cherish you....hang in there, when you get your strength back, you will be able to stand up to this guy and tell him to kiss your a-- (and you can do in in front of interns).

09-14-2009, 03:59 PM
I SECOND THAT Phyllis and Drinkofwtr!!!! :thumbs-up: