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09-04-2009, 07:30 PM
I just found out today that my dad was diagnosed with RA. I was really surprised, but as I sat and thought about it, this has been a long road. 15 years ago, he was told that he had Fibro. I think they threw that at him. He just hurt all the time and no one could give him any answers (sound familiar?) He doesn't tell me much about his health, so I don't know how he was treated. He quit believing in doctors because it never got him anywhere and he rarely, if ever, goes anymore. He actually went to the doctor this time because he has been in incredible pain.

So, I am just surprised. I know that RA usually doesn't affect men. I know this is a lupus board, but I just wonder if he and I aren't connected. I see some similiar patterns in our stories. Going to the doctor because I hurt, but no one can figure anything out. Feeling like giving up because no one can do anything anyway. And now, here he is. He will be 65 next month. I don't know what his treatment is going to be because he doesn't know. He said he has muscle relaxers that he is going to take. Ugh! He is going to make me crazy because it is going to be awhile before he believes it and starts taking care of himself. Heaven knows he isn't going to let me.

I also found out that we share a few symptoms. That makes me a little nervous. My hands don't look like his (his joints are obviously swollen), but it still makes me nervous. It also makes me want to fight my doctors harder. Push for more answers. I just wonder if it will make any difference. But, for now, I am worried about my dad. He is going to fight it every step of the way.

09-04-2009, 10:44 PM
My dad was also diagnosed with RA about three years ago. I was very surprised because he did not show any symptoms. He went in for a physical and they found it in his blood. Three years later he is still doing very well. He takes over the counter goodies for his pain but he hasn't been taking anything. He wants to wait for now until it gets pretty bad. He is staying active and I think it is not only good for his body but it is also good for his soul.

I actually found comfort in his diagnosis. I was wondering where I got all of this yuck and felt like an odd ball but now I know where I get it and it has brought us closer.

Our positive attitudes with both of our diseases help us to keep going and that is very important to all of us affected by auto immune diseases. Keep you chin up and talk to your dad, he will understand you even more than he did before :veryhappy:

09-05-2009, 03:06 PM
This is a Lupus board, but more importantly, it is a board for anyone suffering from ANY auto-immune disorder. RA is included in the group of auto-immune disorders. Many of us were diagnosed with RA before receiving our Lupus diagnosis. The two diseases are both felt to be genetic (if there is an AI disease in the family, other members may be more prone to developing an AI disease).
Many of the symptoms of RA are similar to those of Lupus. However, Lupus arthritis DOES NOT cause crippling deformities. RA does, so don't be frightened about that aspect of their similarities.
I do hope that you father willingly accepts treatment because without it, RA can be devastating.

I wish you the very best.
Peace and Blessings

09-06-2009, 07:32 PM
Thanks, Ladies. I saw my dad today, and I could tell that he was in pain. He doesn't complain about it though. I did talk to him for awhile and he is on a prescription NSAID for the pain. He doesn't plan on doing anything else. He refuses to see a rheum. I guess he is a grown up and can do what he wants, but I am still concerned.

He told me today that my grandma also had RA. Hmm.. I wish I had known that.