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Roni Shawn
08-09-2005, 03:05 PM
I just came across this site and was truly happy for finding it. I have done without good support since I was diagnosed 4 yr ago. People try, but they just do NOT understand.

My name is Rhonda, Roni for short. I am 34, divorced mom of 3, whom live with their father right now, due to my health. I am sick and tired of life like this anymore, and wonder sometimes, when the day will come that the Lord is going to take me home. Some days I wish I would get real sick and it all just ends. But I know that it would hurt my children. So I am going to stick around I guess :? Anyway, I do have support thru God. But sometimes it is nice to have someone physically with you, to understand EVERYTHING you are going thru, and to not be so pushy about things that need to be done, etc. There is so much more. I will get back to you on what is going on, and if you all have any questions you may want to ask.

I do have one question for you all, tho. Does anyone have acne? So bad that they are accused of using meth? That is what my best friend told me the other day, that when she first met me, she thought I was a meth user. I was floored. My face is a mess all of the time. I am also a picker. So when I have something on my face, I try to get rid of it, knowing full well, what will happen when Im done destroying my face. What in the hell is wrong with me, that I am so destructive? Why do I do this to myself?????????????????

08-09-2005, 05:01 PM
Welcome Roni,

Many many hugs - we want you with us, and we understand the days (weeks sometimes!) when the pain seems almost too great to bear. Those are times we'll hold each other up.

Talk to your doc also - depression can be a clinical situation - not just the blues, but a chemical imbalance that meds can treat. You need to be here for your children!

I don't have acne, but last year had a MESS on my face - i thought it was lupus maylar rash. My doc AND a dermatologist decided it was rosacea! Take a look at rosacea.org - see if any of those pix look like what you've got. Ask your doc as well - if it is rosacea or some other condition, there are creams and antibiotics that can help. I have some scars, but at least don't have the itchy flaky "zits" all over my face anymore.

Stay with us here on this site, we all care for each other and are glad you are joining us!

08-16-2005, 10:40 AM
Hi Roni;
Are you taking steroids? Some of the more common side effects of steroids include changes in appearance such as acne, development of a round or moon-shaped face (as well as an increased appetite leading to weight gain).
Or, perhaps what you are seeing is Acne Rosacea. This is a chronic inflammation and congestion of the oil glands and of the skin; cheeks and nose appear red and flushed. Acne Rosacea looks like bad acne; the cheeks and sometimes the nose have a flushed, red appearance. Like Hatlady said, check out the rosacea website. Also, if you are taking steroids, talk to your doctor about the side effects.
Please know that you are not alone, most of us have been where you are and can understand what you are going through. Also, the depression is a clinical symptom of Lupus, please talk to your doctor so that you can also be treated for it!
We are here for you whenever you need us!
Peace and Blessings

Roni Shawn
08-25-2005, 12:11 PM
I have a post in the medications forum about what I take. I do not take ANYTHING for Lupus treatment. I wish that someone here could come with me to Doc appt to see how these people treat me. And then inform them of what kind of A-HOLES they are to me. I just got a notice yesterday, that the state of Oregon has now cancelled out their grants to Seniors and People with Disabilities. OMG. What in the HELL am I gonna do! I have rent, lights, etc. I was living on 314 per mo. But I did it. And now going from just that lil amount to nothing....?
I just don't see anything /anyone listening to me about anything! If it's not this, it's that....Praying for me is what I ask for. PLZ. I haven't heard anything from my Rep for my hearing yet. It was 8-2-05. I will bbl. I am having trouble focusing on what I am trying to do here and I can't with all the new added stress in my home.....Anyone can call me...541.962.7039, as long as you belong to this website and are a supporter of us patients od Lupus. I need some serious help, mayve just to hear a voice, put a voice to a name....knowhutimean?