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08-19-2009, 09:22 PM
I got my love letter from the Rheumy today. Basically my test was inconclusive. I had pneumonia back in July and she doesn't know if the joint pain was caused by the pneumonia, or I got the joint pain and the pneumonia because of Lupus. It took my 2 months to get into see her and I had been treated with steroids so she thinks that because I was partially treated it is effecting her ability to diagnose me. I wanted to ask her why they wait so long to see new patients. My love letter contained another positive ANA, low WBC count. They also took a chest xray that showed a calcified lymph node in my right hilum, and a small round density in the left lower lung, most likely a calcified granuloma. Has any body every had those issues? :wacko::hissyfit::wideeyed::grumpy:

08-20-2009, 10:18 AM
I've not had a lot of issues like that. I'm sure someone here has. (((((Hugs))))

I had pneumonia once, years ago, but no joint pains at the time. Just pneumonia, out of the blue.

I have to tell you... when I read "Love letter from my rheumy" I cracked up. Those are some crazy letters aren't they? I like the way you described it. lol.

I do know that drugs can mess up labs. My pcp has told me that. Why they take so danged long to see new patients I haven't a clue. I'd love to know why also. My guess is if they have a lot of patients, they squeeze you in.

08-20-2009, 12:23 PM
Prednisone can make your WBC's go up not down!!! How much prednisone are you taking? I was told by a Rheum at NIH that you should always have your labs drawn before you take your prednisone for the reason I stated above.

I don't believe the joint pain is related to the pneumonia! I think they are two seperate issues that occurred at the same time. I have never heard of pneumonia causing joint pain! I think you got them because of the lupus! You have a low WBC which made you suspectible to infection and if you are in a flare then you would have joint pain!

Any chances you will seek another rheumatologist or are you going to follow up with this one again anytime soon? I would definately gather as much information as possible with a ton of questions for the rheum and make sure you leave your next appointment satisfied! I would even bring a family member or friend along to take notes for you and make sure you both hear everything. Sometimes we go by ourselves thinking we can handle this but then leave disappointed becuase we forgot to ask this or that or didn't understand something!

Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing!

Angel Oliver
08-20-2009, 12:25 PM
Thinking of you.


08-20-2009, 08:38 PM
I am not on any medication at this time. Well, except Aleve for my joint pain in my hands....so it's not the prednisone..who knows. maybe we'll catch it on it's next visit....:wacko: