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08-13-2009, 04:38 PM
Ok here it goes.... I beleive I have lost my mind....It all started about 2 weeks ago... ok feel free to laugh at any of this as I know that it is going to sound really crazy...

one afternoon I was making dinner...you would think that was easy enough... My son as me to make some red kool aid... Ok simply at least you would think it was simple.... made the kool aid but after I made it I decided to proceed with making dinner...was going to cook some caluiflower(sp) put water in a pot boil the caluiflower.. can't be that hard.... after letting it boil for a few minutes I noticed it was turning red, even got hubby and son to look at it to see what was wrong....then I realized I made the kool aid in the pot and then poured it into a pitcher... therefore making cherry caluiflower(sp) yum yum :wacko:

the next crazy thing I did apparently was a few days ago it just went over into today... This was something that I didn't even know I did till today... Went on line to pay my phone bill... I do it every month so you think that should be simple...except I paid it 4 days ago and to top it off I paid it twice that day...Now I have a credit with the phone company.... I don't even remember paying it thats what's so bad....

to top all this off went to the grocery store and had a grocery list thought I was buying the items on the list when I got home I realized I didn't buy anything on the list in fact I had bought items I had never bought before... go figure now I got to go back to the store.... I am scare I want find the store or my way back home now...

then when all else fails I was typing this thread when I thought I hit the submit button apparently not so I am typing this thread again for the 3rd time... lets hope it makes it through this time.... :wacko:

I am losing it bad... if this is a bad case of brain fog someone take it away from me I don't want it....

I need help.... hubby thinks I am crazy for thinking I am losing my mind... but if you went out in public with your shorts on backwards you would think the same thing....

I am not flaring bad right now.... no severe headaches this week...swelling is down... not much stress, kids are not bugging me and my mom has been really nice latley.... She even gave me a 2004 ford explorer cause she just got a brand new car and gave me her old one...

help me find my mind I have lost it somewhere and don't know where I put it... as one of my kids use to say when he was little... I took my brain out and washed and forgot to put it back in and now I ve lost it.... :wacko:

anyone this bad??????????

08-13-2009, 06:33 PM
first of all, you aren't alone. we all understand to one degree or another how thoroughly interfering brain fog is. Secondly, those things aren't so bad. Once I came home, wanted a nice cup of tea. Filled the tea pot. Hit the switch to the electric tea pot. Went inside to sit and watch tv. Totally forgot about the tea water, never heard the whistle blow. All of the sudden, I smell burning plastic! I ran into the kitchen, see the electric tea kettle sitting on the stove, unplugged, with the burner of the stove on and bunch of plastic from the base of the tea kettle melting through it. Took me 3 days to air out the apt. :skeptical:
Another time, I totally forgot that we aren't allowed to pop popcorn at work (the steam sets off the smoke detectors when the microwave door opens and brings in the fire marshall). I come to work with my nice lunch all packed. Decide around 3 that I want a snack. Throw the popcorn in hit the button, take it out and WHOOP, WHOOOOOP, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Off goes the fire alarm. The entire building had to be evacuated and the fire marshall had to come. Lucky for me, we weren't fined. Still getting flack for that mistake. :embarrassed:
Too many times to count, I have gotten in the car, started driving somewhere I know well how to get to (like home) abd ended up lost or driving past my exit before I realized it. That's mighty embarrassing for me since I am pretty much known for my sense of direction! :wacko:
So see, your brain fog mistakes aren't so bad. Cherry flavored cauliflower might not taste delish but it sure won't kill you! :yes:

08-13-2009, 10:49 PM
Well, if you've lost your mind, then it is in the same black hole with all of ours! Your stories are funny only because we can all relate to them. There have been several threads, throughout the history of this forum, filled with anecdotes about the things we do, don't do, forget to do, or have no idea we've done, because of our "Brain Fog" or "Lost Minds".
So, you are right at home with us....you are not going crazy....you have Lupus!!:skeptical:

Peace and Blessings

Angel Oliver
08-14-2009, 04:41 AM
Leann no you are not crazy at all,as everyone as said we all do funny strange things at times.You are not alone.

Love Amanda.xxxx

08-14-2009, 05:19 AM
Oh the joys of the lupus fog....we've all been there!

08-14-2009, 05:27 AM
Play Farmtown...helps me keep focused so my mind doesn't wander or go totally blank.

I need directions in my own house. I woke up this morning heading to the bathroom...thud, that wall wasn't here. I forgot I live in SC and not Seattle...that was the directions for my old home....

Enjoy Friday..I will...

08-14-2009, 06:50 AM
We all have been there. i have left work drove to wrong house to go home pass my exits had to turn around. i even forgot my son birthday and how old he was.

its part of the lupie in lupus

i even forget to spell words, and see numbers that aren't there on invoices when doing billing or forget to put something in quickbooks and found my mistakes later.

just know we all have gone thru it and are here for you.

08-14-2009, 09:14 AM
OK I unserstand that it is a part of lupus and I ahve done some crazy things in the past but it just seems that it is getting worse...Maybe I am just noticing it alot more...

If I get any more crazy people are going to think I need to be commited somewhere....

Does anyone know what causes Brain fog or is it just one of thoses things that happens???

I feel like my mind is going and I am not going to get it back....

Like yesterday had to take my son over to the collage he will be starting soon and the councilor (sp) was talking and it seemed like I didn't understand what he was saying I had to ask my son if he understood and he agreed that he understood him and he expained it to me later to where I could understand... I felt so dumb and I know that is not the case...

It is just very upsetting especaily when people don't know or don't understand... I find myself argueing (sp) with people more because I don't understand them or think I am right when i later realize I am wrong....

Crazy Crazy just plane crazy....

08-14-2009, 10:35 AM
Hi Leaann,

"Anyone else this bad?" Well, I'll let you decide for yourself.
Here are my greatests hits-

-Storing Windex in the freezer.

-Putting Worstershire sauce on my Chinese food instead of Soy Sauce.

-I can't remember my own phone number.

-I get lost in a town I grew up in, and know (knew) like the back of my hand.

-I struggle for words.

-If I wasn't using a voice recognition program right now, what you are
reading here would be un-readable.

-Forgot how to tie my shoes one day.

-And everyone's favorite, I brushed my teeth with Preparation H, thinking
it was Colgate. Didn't taste good.

I do dozens of silly backwards things everyday, too many to list or remember. I've lost my mind too. Don't know where it went, but it's definitely AWOL. I'm sorry this is happening to you. It is frustrating as hell, believe me, I understand how you are feeling. I try to look at the humorous side of my brain fog, and laugh as much as I can. It helps. Hang in there.


Angel Oliver
08-14-2009, 10:37 AM
:) Preperation H...still funny.xx

08-14-2009, 01:32 PM
Just this morning I came into the kitchen, got a PLATE out of the cupboard and poured COFFEE into it. I am standing there watching it overflow, but it took me a while, before I realized what I was doing. I have done the same thing with milk one day. I have put hairspray under my arms, instead of deodorant, was a sticky mess. I have washed my hair with conditioner before and wondered why my hair looked like heck, after blow drying it. I have put my cigarrette out in my juice, the ashtray was right next to me. I have bought donuts at the grocery store and you have to tell the cashier what is in the bakery bag, I could not think of DONUTS, if my life would have dependet on it, so I had to open the bag and show her what was in the bag. She looked at me, like I was from mars. Like Rob, I could go on forever.
So hon, don't feel like you are loosing your mind, you are just FOGGING.


dassar RN
08-14-2009, 08:13 PM
Don't worry we all go through those lupie fog days. If there is any comfort to this I go through the brain fog daily.
Hang in there!!

Dassar RN:hissyfit:

08-15-2009, 11:28 AM
I'd like to know how it exactly happens too Leaann. The science behind why. I know medications can cause some of it, but that's as far as I've got with an answer.

Don't feel bad. It happens to all of us. (((((hugs))))