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08-06-2009, 05:17 PM
I don't know what I did this week to deserve this but I am in so much pain, it is unbelievable. I had my heart monitor put on this week (I have to wear it for 2 weeks), walking alone brings my heart rate up to 150 beats per minute; I am so tired, and weak I barely have the energy to do anything. I don't know if i pushed myself too hard this week to do things but I am definitely paying for it now. My fingers have swelled up again, during the day which is weird for me, my right knee is almost completely locked and last night and this morning I could barely sit and stand because my back was in so much pain. My joints are so stiff and I am twitching all over. Worst day, in a long time. Please help, what do all of you do to get rid of the pain and calm your body down?

Angel Oliver
08-06-2009, 05:24 PM
Oh im so sad to hear your pain.Sending you gentle hugs.I wont advise you as i dont have a diagnosis myself and may give you wrong info.
Just know i hope you begin to ease soon.Rest where you can and i hope your heart gets better and beats at the right rate soon.Glad you have monitor though. For me,but bare in mind i have not got a diagnosis so this is what i do for me...take meds as prescribed.Legs up..not in the air :) but up on a stool with pillows above my heart as my knees are swelled up..then when i hurt so bad,for me a soak in a bath eases but doesnt take it all away.Just hang in there.Someone with more knowledge will come and help you out soon.Sorry you feel s bad and so hope you ease soon and get help.

Love n gentle hugs

08-06-2009, 06:56 PM
hi stephlovespeter,

i am so sorry to hear about your horrible day/week. Sometimes flares just show up without any provocation.

Times like this that you are experiencing are so very difficult....each one of us has to do what we can to ride out the pain, fatigue, etc....when i get hit whith this kind of pain, i just take my pain med and try to sleep it off. I get lost in tv to take my mind off, i try soaking in a warm bath, whatever i can.

i wish i could give you some sound advice, but this is the bastardly part of lupus, and i don't have any certain answers.

so sorry, hope you are getting some peaceful rest, and i hop you wake tomorrow and feel better.

08-07-2009, 06:33 AM
When I feel like you do, this week, the only thing that helps somewhat, is rest. So take it easy friend and get some rest.


08-07-2009, 07:33 AM
Hi Steph,

I've been dealing with some serious pain lately too. For me, rest, and upping my naproxen dose to help with the inflammation is all I can do. It's really frustrating, I know. I also do anything I can to distract myself. Books, movies, games-whatever it takes to get through the painful flare period. I hope you are OK, and having a better day today.


08-07-2009, 02:17 PM
Hi and SO SORRY for your discomfort.:no: Rob said what i was going to say about the "distractions" to help yourself. I too do those things while i lay on my couch with my silk covered pillow and my legs elevated above my heart. As a matter of fact i just bought a new book today cuz i went through mt last 4 in no time! Invest in some of your FAVORITE SHOWS and/or movies on dvd. Get some YUMMY (but at least semihealthy) snacks. Organic if you can:yes: Lay low on the sugar and salt though cuz that will exaserbate things mentally and physically. GOOD LUCK! WE are HERE for YOU!!!!:cute: