View Full Version : steriod injections...do they actually work?

08-01-2009, 08:20 AM
well as you all know i got a burst ulcer so at the hospital they gave me a steriod injection thats slow release or something, and told me to come off my pred till im at 5 mm ( so bascially im off it as 5 mm is nothing really )

when i first had it i noticed a difference within the day and it stopped my reoccuring flare ( i think from the sugrey ) coming back as i had a flare that was slowing down just before the ulcer burst....

well 2 weeks or so later and im not to sure the steriod jab is going the distance...my hands are very bad again ( worst they have been this year so far)....i noticed my knees are swelling up abit , where as 2 weeks ago the swelling had pretty much gone again ( even before the jab), and ive had the fever thing and some other stuff that would suggest my immune system wants to have a party with me!!!

i know sugrey isnt too good for us types, so maybe its that and the jab is working, but im alittle confused by it, as my hands are going extra painful....the typing ive done so far today is pretty much gonna be my max for most of the day, picking up cups of tea have become a trama again, an ive noticed the stiffness and pain is going into my shoulders and neck and i have thoses werid little white dots all over my knees...which comes just before the redness and swelling, and one already you can see is bigger than the other..

so my question is do they really work, because if you have had them and know they work, well then ill put it down to the sugrey .... but if they dont always work id like to know as im one that always likes to know what could happen, rather than just thinking about it if you catch my drift!!!

i feel okish really though, so im not wanting to complain, just to enlighten myself somewhat on all these steriod jabs

lots of live n/b/n

p.s if i dont reply today....its cos the hands have said no!!!!

08-02-2009, 04:07 PM
Hey there -

Sorry you are suffering. As for the steriod injections, I have some success with those. They don't eliminate the problem, but they do beat them back a little bit. Enough to where I can function for a short time. The relief I get usually lasts a month or so. I wish I could offer more advice. Hopefully someone will be along soon to add their experience.

Best of luck to you,


08-02-2009, 05:07 PM
hi narrowboatnutter,

i have had two steroid injections since last October. They both worked very well for me, but i did notice something after the first. I got immediate relief after the injection, then about 2 weeks later, i noticed my symptoms returning. I thought the shot had quit working, so i thought i was in for another flare. Well, i got through that little hurdle of temporary pain, and started feeling good again. Hopefully, your pain will subside, and you will return to feeling good.

My hands, however, just about always hurt....no matter what i take, i always have some discomfort with the hands.

Hope this helps, and hope you get past this pain.....looking forward to a few good months for you.

08-08-2009, 06:46 AM
thanks for the replies....i think ive gone the way of yourselve mountain dreamer...i felt mega good just after the injection and around 2 weeks later felt quite bad, and now ive leveled off to somewhere between the two....what i class as quite o.k with just under my normal level of activity occuring - which is very good indeed....my hands are still playing up but again as with you they are never great...my walking is still miles worse than it can be, but it is better than it was - and i got to go out the other day for the first time in well over a month so thats great stuff - and i do need to bear in mind that leg stuff and big time triedness over my normal activity level can also be connected to the op i guess....so yes they do work, and they seemed to have knocked this flare down faster than the steriods tablets ( i think it was on its way out just before the op anyway )... i think iexpected the mega good feeling to stay and got unsettled when after a couple of weeks old feeling started to return...so thanks for the advise and overall i am very happy with the injection and i can see it does work and infact worked very well

lots of love n/b/n