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07-31-2009, 03:34 AM
Hi, I am posting today about inflammation and the damage it can do to the body. I live my life the best I can with allot of pain and fatigue nothing new here eh? Yesterday i just had to get out in my back yard and do some deep cleaning, this has been a banner year for growth....my flower beds and shrubs are so beautiful this year but are so full they look prehistoric! So i had to do allot of trimming, i wear my UV hat and coat and stay our of the sun as much as possible. The work it's self is at times heavy but I enjoy it just the same. However i know that tomorrow i will pay....which I am, today i am so sore and stiff it's just relentless i fear it's another bed day until at leat noon or so when i usually can get up and around. My question is just how detrimantal is the affect of hard work to the body regarding the inflammation that occurs after? I know my ESR is about 100 (should be 20)on a regular day, but not sure what it is on these days. I do this often rest for a few and work for a day then recouperate....I wonder what the effect of this kind of on again off again pain is? Should I be doing this? ..... staying put and "safe" can't be good either I would think....I find if I don't use it I lose it????thanks, Sandra

dassar RN
07-31-2009, 09:11 AM
Hi Sandra,
I am newly diagnosed Lupie, however what I do know is that it is important to pace yourself to prevent a longterm flare up that probably would take a while to go into remission. I know it is hard to not do as much but maybe just maybe do a little a day to prevent the pain that might go through tomorrow.

I for once know it is difficult for me to keep still but the result is catastrophic for me as I hate taking alot of medications!! :no: I am sorry that you are going through so much but just listen to your body, especially when you are still not out of the clear with your ESR and still pretty active with your flare up.

Keep positive and we are all here to share the journey of this horrible beast called LUPUS:yes:

Dassar RN

08-01-2009, 01:10 AM
hi sandra i am so sorry you are going through this pain i know it is important not to give up exercise but you must listen to your own body try to pace yourself do a bit then rest i have found this is the only way i can cope after awhile you will be able to judge whenits time to stop please be careful even if your feeling well you do not want a flare. hugs kiml