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07-29-2009, 04:03 AM
Dear all, well i was reading up on the employment and support allowance and how its being rolled out and i was very shocked by many stories i have read online, posted by very concerned family members of the claimant trying to work out what to do. It appears the goverment have gone back on all they have said and instead, in there mind have decided that illness doesnt exsit, that anyone who says they are too ill to work are just lazy and they seem to have brainwashed the press againist us also, but ill get on to that bit in a mo.

I read of three cases that really stuck out to me. One was of a guy who had a stroke, had loss the use of one half of his body, was blind, deaf, so weak that he need round the clock care and guess what, the department for work and pensions found him fit for work! This guys consultant and g.p all wrote letters saying he was mega ill and couldnt even care for himselve, let alone do anything else and the dwp just disgarded this. How a doctor from there could possibly say that someone who cant move half his body and cant even look after himselve is fit for work is beyond me....so do they expect his carer's to come into work for him and do the job they found for him or something...its madness. This guy worked all of his life , paid his taxes and everything and when he needs help from the system he has supported from his own hard work for years- they do this to him!

Another case is of a man, who has a lung dieases, is on oxygen 24 hours a day, and is so breathless he cant even walk across his living room as he is so breathless, again both his consultant and g.p wrote letter saying his is mega ill, and he too was found fit for work !!!! Also his consultant stated that his condition is not going to get any better, but in fact will get worse and at appeal the dwp, decided that yes he was ill, but should be in the group that looks for work, and that he will magically get better in 6 months, despite tonnes of medical evidence that says he will get worse, and then they tried to send him for a job interview...which of course he could only go to with his carers carrying his oxygen for him as he is also so weak!

The last case was of someone who has very bad fibro - but has no joint involment, and she didnt even score on the new medical tests and again was found fit for work, the resulting stress made her flare so bad she had to go into hospital, so she is back in the assesment phase and is worried sick what will happen after this is over. What sticks out to me in this case is the department for health has just written a report saying how disabling fibro is, that is is a real and sersious illness, although if you only have fibro, then there no way you can score on the new tests so you will always be found fit for work...so you have two different goverment depts doing two completey different things with the same illness!

And of course, there the press response to all this....we had the hardest tests in europe to be found to ill to work under the old system, and they have just got harder...as a result many people who are ill are failing the new tests and people like me who are on the old benefit are expecting that many of us will be found fit of work under the new harsher testing, whether we are fit for work or not. Now rather than considering that maybe the tests are too hard, as they are now miles harder to pass than the rest of europe, the press has responded by saying, yes they were all just putting it on, and calling us evil lay abouts! The only voice of reason seems to be coming from the lib dems , who are saying what we all know, that the new rules have gone to far and its forcing ill and disbaled people who cant work into the working world and they are concerned what the impact will be to us....good old lib dems, they have my vote now for sure!

Now our God is a God of justice, He fights for the weak, the down trodden and the oppressed and will fight our side for us, but we need to ask Him as He works though our prayers and its almost like you get what you ask for type deal, im on a major prayer fight on this, calling out to Him to help us and to stop the suffering and to save us from this blanant attack on us and for the press to report the truth and to stop the press turning the public against us. They are missing reporting how the old system works and how much we get paid by huge amounts and are being really evil to us, i have noticed that if i tell people im signed off now, they have this look in there eyes of hate...and im blaming the press attack on us as the cause of this. If i just believed what i had read in the papers, i would be the same i guess, but as im in the system i know how hard it is already and how much misinformation there is out there.

Also i think we should be writting to our m.ps, starting pepitions, tell the world our side and esp when we come across cases like the ones ive written about...the truth of this injustice needs to be spoken about!!!! The truth will set us free and we need to join forces and fight this in prayer and deed until the system stops its evil attacts on us and gets some balance to the whole thing!

Much love as ever, narrowboatnutter

Angel Oliver
07-29-2009, 04:30 AM
Thanks for highlighting this,i know all about it also. I had a chat with my nurse as im being hounded into work also.I asked...how can i go to work if i have not been to sleep?Health & Safety and all the WARNINGS on all my meds state...''do not drive or operate machinery,will make you drowsy'' yet this is just one of many ailments i have. I have severe insomnia,depression,anxiety with panic attacks which have no triggers,Chronic fatigue syndrome(M.E) being tested for Lupus,IBS,Fibromyalgia,asthma,acid reflux. I said to her the constant hounding of the benefit system is actually making me so very ill and so stressed out.
I have paid thousands into this system so when i get sick i am looked after with prescriptions,appointments etc.During one visit to my doctor,i explained how my rheumi yawned throughout n seemed not to listen to me at all,her answer was ''go private 120 fr half an hour consultation''. I said nothing as i was so angry at her. Ive paid thousands into this system...i didnt ask to be sick.
So now im fighting to get benefits as they want me back in work.I tell them i want to work,have money,friends,holidays..do you think i want to live like this?
Our government are disgusting.They can spend all our taxes on themselves to buy new homes,pools,meals out,holidays without anyone telling them this is wrong until they all got caught.The should go to jail for what they all did and for many years.Yet the sick are being discriminated against.DISGUSTING!!
I have my human rights.If need be i will go to court if i am sick as i am not being told to ''work'' when some days i can not get out of bed due to pain. The UK government are a joke and hopefully 'someone' will help us.I paid into this system since leaving school where the next day i started work.I was never sick before hardly had time off.Yet my neighbour is able to go to the pub daily,sit on her step drinking...yet i carnt afford this? Whats fair in this?
You are so right about God. Our government are like dictators and are vile and deceitful. Maybe copy all the responses off here and send it to them?
I am at my wits end with worry.I am existing not living and on top have all this to worry about.
Also let me tell you a short story.......

A man aged 43 got diagnosed with Leukimia.He worked all his life never being ill.Before the diagnosis his doctor told him he had a nervous breakdown until they did tests to find out it was actually leukimia.He went through years off treatment,chemo,bone marrow transplant and was told he was in remission.He got NO help from the benefit system only the basic income support.He even had to pay for his own prescriptions.The day he went back to be cleared of his Leukimia he was told he had weeks to live.All through this now aged 49 he fought to get benefits.Aged 49 he died with his family around him on Sunday 12 July 1992. On monday 13th July his wife received a letter saying that finally he HAD got the benefits.His wife called them crying as he had died the day before and how she had struggled with no money.
This man was my Dad. He had paid into the system and they didnt care as now we know THEY were filling their own pockets with OUR money.
So government....lets hope what goes round comes around because you are disgusting people who treat the sick digracefully!!


07-29-2009, 05:02 AM
i hope you dont mind and to anyone reading this, but ive posted a link to this on my facebook, it set at private to my friends only, as im wanting to raise awareness of whats going on in a small way and to tell our side of things.....i figured the public have access to the site anyway, and can read this even if they are not members so that was my thinking...but id though id let you know as there is a response to this thread now!!!!

i am so sorry to hear of your story angel....that was so horrible what happened to your dad....i am sorry that you and your family had to go though all of that and that no one helped you and that to add insult to injury he was given the help he always should have had when he had died! I am also so sorry to hear what is happening to you now. Theres one thing everyone forgots about people with autoimmune disorders is that we all have one thing in common...we were the hard workers, the go getters and everyone i know who has these sorts of things worked there arses off until they just couldnt anymore....sometimes i wish the goveremtnand the dwp could get drug induced lupus so they would know then whats its like! and you are right, no one in there right mind would swap this life for the ones we lead, no one!

we face enough scorn from having theses un seen illness already....i have had people say to me that its all in my head, im making it up, i should just go back to work and stop complaining, i even heard of someone who claims to have seen a discharge letter of mine saying there nothing wrong with me ( what they were doing reading my personnel info is beyond me), although ive still got that discharge letter that clearly states i was having a huge flare and its the one that left me on the walking aids .... its amazing what people can chose to see when they want too....ive even had a 'friend' go round the pub saying on my most serious flare that almost cost me my life, that i was making it all up, even though id gone tempory blind on that one and if they had bothered to visit, they would have seen my eyes were just white , and you couldnt see any other part of it, and at the time they were pumping me full of i.v steriod, as my bloods were so bad, so i must be a pretty good actor to be able to 'fake' my eyes going completey white and my blood tests going really bad hey!!! and we get that from so called friends, and now we have the prove we are not faking it and not lazy to the goverment, its just madness!!!! and yes they are nasty in the way they , the goverment cheat there own system, its like there one rule for some and another rule for everyone else!!!

Angel Oliver
07-29-2009, 05:20 AM
Yes you know if we had the prime ministers email it all should be emailed directly to him....the crook...and i so hope the crooks who spent our money on 'John Lewis' accounts and making us pay for their cd's and Moats...they all should go to prison..even though they paid monies back...we couldnt pay it back we'd be in jail.

As for picking on the sick...this is the vilest act any government could ever do.I didnt vote Gordon Brown in,he got in the back door where in reality an election should have been performed. I always voted Labour....Never again!! Picking on the poorest and sickest is the lowest this man can ever do. Im so upset and angry at what is going on and they are getting away with it.

God help us all!

07-29-2009, 06:01 AM
i think history will look back on all this and hang there heads in shame...they pick on us as were are least able to defend oursleves....anyway im gonna have to chill the hands out for abit, ie done way too much typing and they are locking up and giving me hell, and if i do much more they will just refuse to do anything!!! but ill be back, for sure!!!

lots of love n/b/n xxx

07-29-2009, 07:38 AM

This is what i mean, im going thru the same thing,
According to ESA im fit to resume work hence why im under Shaw trust now, ive had a good convo with Angel and im looking forward to my first visit, alot more pos than what i was when i had that hideous interveiw with JCP.

BUT it really windes me up cause our drs and gps have no say over it, surely they would, they are the professionals after all.

I would carry on but im having a good one today i dont want to be over run with this atm,

Hope you are feeling better Rake

Lots of love

07-29-2009, 02:41 PM
yeah im feeling better thanks isdm.... i know of the nightmare you have been having, its whats started me looking into this again....i hope the shaw trust helps you and understands and that you have a better experience with them than you have recently had...ill pray for you!

im gonna have to give it break thinking about it also, im so scared about the changes and reading up on this lots has got to me in a big way! im not sure what ill do when they send me back to work....whenever ive voluteerned ive lastest 3-4 months max ( at my best 3 years ago), ive never made a 16 hours a week( since being ill) at my bet 3 years ago i got to about 8 hours and that was the max i could cope with, with house stuff before it was too much and i was miles better then than i am now! last time i tried i started at 4 hours a week but was so up and down i missed half the time i should have gone in ( and lasted a monthish at a time before a big flare would kick in!), and when i did go in, i never made the day most of the time, and would start shaking and they would send me home cos i was scaring the customers!! it took me about 2 days to recover just from that

when i go back to work i have no doubt it will be the same...unless by some miracle i get my resimission, but they have said that im just about to have one lots and lots, and it never happens, i just get a big huge flare ive lost hope in the damn thing and im just gonna have to make do with what i have! im hoping when my time comes they will see that me trying to learn photography and work up to doing enough hours to be self employed will be good enough for them, and maybe they will help me with that...but who know really. at the mo, i can do photo's for an hour or so every other day and then after processing them im so tried and confused im not good for anything...and if i go self employed i need to take photo's, procress them and then go out and get sales for them..and get leads for new business( well i could before my recent spell of sickness, ive only done 2 hours in the last week and ahalf and im wiped out completey again!)

my dream is too get myself well enough and self employed before they start on me, because i am focused on getting back to work and i want to show them that even though they say that people who been off as much as me never try to get back, if i do that will prove them all wrong...but i think they will just think im a daft hippie with a silly idea ...we will have to see i guess!!!

07-29-2009, 10:03 PM
....just want to add, i think the part of esa where they want to give us more help to return to work when we are well enough is excellent - if they were really doing that instead of beating us with a huge stick it seems ( from reading others experience of the new system ), as when a good few years back, i did feel almost well enough - i didnt know where to start and wanted advise on how to manage work, the condition and advise on any support to move me back into work, but there was none. In the end they sent me for a medical as at this point i was 100 per cent sure i was well enough and ringing up the job centre lots demanding to be signed back on to work, but the doctor for the dwp said i wasnt well enough and that sometimes when someone is ill, they convince themselves they are not, and that i needed some more time to fully recover and that if i continued to do well, then they would sign me back on...well i flared and never have been the same since! i think God was watching over me there as in recent times ive never heard of a doctor from the dwp being actually helpful or concerned about how someone will be, most likey as they get paid bonus's now for declaring us back to work and its atos health that run it now, so they probably got rid of the very nice, thoughful and caring doctor i had at that medical!

i know the main support that isdm has had is being sent for a job interview...and thats been it...and well she could have send herselve to a job interview really isnt it! ill be interested to see how the shaw trust thing pans out, as hopefully they will really help and give some real advise and help! i guess its the beating us with a stick mentally, the stories i have read online in my first posting ( and others just as bad ), whats happened to angle and isdm, and the fact they get paid bonus for moving us into work or jsa that has me concerned ( abit of a war of interests in being fair and open if you ask me )

I think instead of scaring the life out of us, they should listen to us, what we hope to do and achieve, really try to understand how our condition effects us, and work with us to resolve this and get to where we want to be...and that with these conditions it can take months and months of slowly building up and that if we push it too hard too soon we will end up at square one. it would be lovely if lupus and other mutli system autoimmunes could start, resolve and get better in the 13 week period esa allows for illness, but its just not like that....and scaring the life out of us is only going to make us wary of everyone who works for the dwp...so how can we work together to get us back on track if we fear them so much!

sorry for two long posting, but this whole thing has robbed me off sleep, which has been good as ive been praying all night about it now...and that gotta help heaps really for all of us...and ive been able to pray for lots of people on here and on the sites ive read and thats good too....

well i shall be quiet on here for abit....ive over used the hands to a big extent....they locked up yesturday and picking up cups of tea has got very very painful indeed, so ive over done them, and its my own fault as i do know better...but im glad i did as this is such an important subject and maybe we can all support and help each other though it, and i feel God has put this one on me for a big prayer one and chatting to the both of you has really helped my praying on it all xxxx

p.s i meant the winky face thing to be on here somewhere, ive no idea how it got up there but nevermind!!!

07-29-2009, 11:04 PM
Is there anything those of us in the United States can do to help?

I'm feeling a bit helpless as I read this......wish there was a way to make a difference.

Hugs to our U.K. friends....way across the Pond,

:unitedstates: Lori

07-29-2009, 11:15 PM
awww thanks rastagirl...you can help us by praying for change and that we get the help we need....that the press reports it all fairly, and that the dwp and job centre starts to help us, instead of scaring the life out of us and bullying us...prayer moves mountains and the more prayer the better as far as im concerned!!!

right, really do need to go now...hands are well hating me, and if i dont stop, they will lol!!!!

see you all tomorrow at the earliest, as im having a no typing day, as my left hand has already gone on strike, and im taking that as a subtle hint from the body to slow down all this typing, before the other one goes on strike as well lol!!!!!!

07-29-2009, 11:22 PM
Count me in for prayers..... :yes:

Give those busy hands of yours a rest....

Hope you have peaceful, sweet dreams tonight..... :sleepy:

:cool2: Lori

08-08-2009, 06:35 AM
dear all....sorry for my silence - been testing the hands out before i started postung again to see if they would hold out!!!
i had a thought recently....i know from my former life as a sales rep that if someone has a bad experience they will tell 10 other people but if they have a good experience they will tell only one other person....we were taught this in sales training.

im guessing im only seeing horror stories on the net because only thoses with bad experiences are posting and asking for advise, where as the people that esa may be working for are happy and therefore are not posting on the net about it

so im asking really - has anyone had a good experience with esa, has anyone found the support helpful, the job centre advisers helpful and supportive and found the new system to be working?

i thought this question needs to be asked to bring balance to the whole thing, as so far the feeling of the post have been whats not working with esa - but it may be working for some, and as with all things mistakes can be made so maybe, just maybe the horror stories out there about it are where mistakes have been made and in fact esa can work out o.k....

so if you have had a good experience with esa - can you enlighten us about it....lets see if there any people who are happy with it....its just a passing thought really!!

lots of love as ever n/b/n