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07-27-2009, 07:43 PM
Throughout this long and painful journey I have been on, I have realized that sometimes you need to do your own research and figure things out on your own... do not wait for someone else to figure it out for you - you'll be waiting a LONG time.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a Cardiologist, I don't know what for though. My mom and I drew up a time line from when all of my problems started happening and it all came back to an afternoon in March. I had surgery on my ovaries in December of 2007 and my blood pressure and heart rate were fine. By March of 2008, I had a dentist appointment to get a cavity filled, and that's when my problems started. I was getting the cavity filled when I went unconscious and suffered a hypertensive crisis. I'm calling on all of you guys to help me, is there any way that the epinephrine caused a Lupus trigger? I have had awful joint pain all my life, but the more serious problems started after this dentist appointment. I read in a New York Times article that certain things can cause a Lupus onset, like a bug bite and such. What do all of you think? I applied to go to the Mayo Clinic for an appointment as my family doctor here seems to think that even though I have almost all of the symptoms, a negative ANA must mean I don't have Lupus.

Please let me know what you think...


07-27-2009, 08:31 PM
I agree, we learn a lot more on our own sometimes then from the docs. I am reading a book called the AutoImmune Epidemic. In it, the author discusses how AI problems have risen drastically with the advent of modernization and the increase of chemicals and pollutants in the air. What she says in the book makes a lot of sense to me. I personally think, and mind you that you should not take this as expert testamonial as I am neither scientist nor doctor, that the author of that book may be right. Basically, she says that one way that some people end up with AI is that their bodies continue to buildup the chemicals and pollutants from their environment. Those of us that are already predisposed either genetically or biologically to an AI condition are at higher risk when being exposed to these chemicals and pollutants to reaching our "breaking point" of health. According to her research, the final trigger could be something as simple as an everyday exposure (like car exhaust) or something more out of the ordinary like introduction to a new chemical or pollutant (such as house fire or even vaccine).

This is the link to the book. http://www.donnajacksonnakazawa.com/autoimmune_epidemic.htm

07-27-2009, 11:00 PM
What Sandy has tyo say is not only interesting but something I have also been reading about. My doctors think that I already had the tendency in my system and my trigger came from my move from Ohio......cooler climate, to Arizona warmer climate. They are also looking into the fact that I was born in Alaska and how this may play a role in my disease. It is all very interesting and leaves you thinking about everything new being introduced into our environment and what it is really doing to each of us now and over time. It is something to think about and will be very interesting to read later on what they find out from all this research.

As for learning about things on your own......this site has been my blessing and everyone here has so much knowledge from their experiences that I have found I learn more from the people I have met right here! I also do a lot of research on my own and if I don't feel I am getting adequate care from the doctor I am seeing....I will switch. You are your own advocates and you will have to push for the answers you are looking for through out this process. Just know that you have people right here who are very knowledgeable and who van help you through almost anything. Keep us posted on how you are feeling and what you find out!!!!!

07-28-2009, 07:56 AM

I tend to have to agree with the other two, it is very interesting... I also beleive that yes you may have to figure some out on your own...

As with me my worst time started when I moved to a new house and had a lot of stress on me... I have been doing alot of thinking about what really brought mine to the surface and deterimined that it was stress at the time, I was to the point of suscide about 4 or 5 years ago due to my problems with my health and other issues... with my case it only makes since.(sp)

So may be you going to the denist brought it to the head... it's a possiblity... keep looking for answers, I look everyday and learn all kinds of things..
good luck with the drs.

07-28-2009, 10:39 AM
I am sorry you are ungoing such issues and don't have the answers you want/need. Yes I do agree certain things can trigger a flare and no one really knows what they are and are per person....I ate mixed nuts one day no salt and the next day my knees were so swollen and painful I could barely walk...don't eat ANY nuts any more. Don't know which nut it was but the pain I felt was not worth trying to figure it out. Trial and error is what I was told. I hope you find the answers you need/want but more than that I wish you remission and health!