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07-26-2009, 10:06 PM
Hello everyone! My rheumatologist appointment was a week ago. Meant to let you guys know what he said- sorry it took so long. I was very pleased with what he said. He said my ANA was positive, but my other tests were negative. He told me that the positive ANA along with the other lupus symptoms I had- it led him to believe I was in the beginning stages of lupus. He said he didn't want to label me yet because it would change my life. He said once he gives me that diagnosis he can't take it back so he was going to be cautious with that label. He did say he was going to go ahead and prescribe me the medication (plaquenil) and I have to come back every three months to repeat blood work. He said he feels eventually the blood work will all come back positive. So- I didn't really get a diagnosis, but I was very comfortable the way he is proceeding. From what I've read on here- he is doing what he is supposed to. The plaquenil has helped me tremendously already! I am really still in diagnosis limbo- but I have the medication to help me feel better. So- who knows what the future holds- but today I feel good and I am thankful to God for that!! :cute:

07-30-2009, 08:35 PM
What a huge load you must feel lifted off your shoulders! I am glad you got some answers and that it is still early stages and also that your doc is being proactive with your treatment and cautious about monitoring the meds in your body. :yes: It feels wierd to congratulate you on your (almost) Lupus diagnosis, but as I am still in the "What is this" phase, I know how great it would feel to finally have an answer, any answer.

07-30-2009, 09:35 PM
I went back to the rhuemy on the 28th and he told me almost the same thing. I defintely have an auto immune disease that is Lupus like , but he doesn't want to call it Lupus yet. Put me on Planiquell and I go back in three months. I am a little scared of the medicine, but I need to feel better.