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07-26-2009, 02:43 AM
went to rheumatologist on friday my blood pressure is a real worry he is reducing my dose of prednisone as i have been on high dosage for 8months because of constant flares i am having severe pain and have spent the last week on bed rest my blood pressure medication has been increased. i am low on iron and and my thyroid is not functioning. i have to now see kidney specialist as well as heart specialist. went to take stephen to heart specialist on friday but they changed his appointment without teling us this is twice they have done this he is not reliable so we are changing to the heart specialist stephen saw when he was in hospital he is still very weak and has had some chest pain lately which is a worry they believe he has permanent damage to his lungs and is seeing the lung specialist on monday mikaela goes back to school on tuesday but she is worried about leaving us it is such bad burden for a little girl to assume. i have been put on valium for my nerves and the depression and morphine for the pain. i feel so useless sometimes just showering makes me tired and i cannot much house cleaning i have to rest every 15 minutes because i am so exhausted and sore i really wish i could go into remission for awhile just break i spend most of my time walking with my stick i need to lose weight but am having trouble exercising because of pain can anyone suggest what i can do that is low impact my feet are very swollen and my hair is falling out i feel so ugly lately i just hate myself . the only plus in my life these days is that i have all of you to talk to i hope you all know how much your prays and good wishes have got me through this difficult time you have been my strength when i had none your friendship has been very important to me thankyou all so very much many hugs kim l

Angel Oliver
07-26-2009, 06:59 AM
Oh dear Kim,

You are so NOT ugly no matter what your feelings tell you.To me you are beautiful and the strongest person i know.You have a family,a husband who is sick and a beautiful daughter.You have had to deal with so much lately. You should be proud of what you have got through,you are amazing.Im so sorry you are going through such pain and worry,but hopefully it'll begin to ease once the doctors find new meds or treatment for you.Until then,just rest.With swollen feet which hurt,im not sure if its a good idea to exercise.May be the walks with a stick is enough for you for now.I hope you n your husband get the help you need and soon.
We all care about you here and im sending you lots of love n gentle hugs.Im sorry i can not help practically,but im always here to give yoou support with words.I know you said your hair is falling out,but it'll grow back.For now maybe wear a hat,cap or scarf or bandana and please dont think you are ugly cause you are not...ok? Its just you feel so sick thats all.You are beautiful.

Lots of love Amanda.xxxxxx

07-26-2009, 08:17 AM
So good to hear from you, sweetie. I know that you still feel bad, but it seems that things are getting somewhat better. Your daughter is well enough to go back to school - that's a good thing. Is your other daughter better, too? What about your son? At least you're seeing some progress.
I'm so glad to see that you are getting some treatment for yourself. As Angel said, you are a strong, beautiful woman, who has survived so much! Hang in there, take care of yourself and your Stephen, and get both of you on the road to recovery.
Please keep updating us on your family's progress. We're all concerned about you, and we're all here for that moral support when you need it.
Gentle Hugs,

07-26-2009, 08:54 AM
Hi Kim,
Sorry you are having such a rough time. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that my dear is you. You have inner strength and beauty which you have not even begun to un-tap. Next time you feel ugly look into your family's eyes and you will know the true answer. :cute: Believe me I have gone through the I'm ugly and fat phases because I can't exercise and then I take a look at my loved ones and that thought has never crossed their mind. As for exercise talk to your doctor to see if you should exercise and see what he/she advises. But if you are determined and stubborn like me :tongue2: try a very low impact exercise. I am doing water aerobics and it's helping, but you get out of it what you put into it, and I overdo it and then flare. So if you try this make sure you only do what you can handle. Also the Elliptical is a good low impact on the legs. But remember you are the only one that can deter your bodies tolerance level. We are here for you :hug: