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07-21-2009, 04:18 PM
I have not been officially diagnosed with Lupus yet but maybe you all can give me some insight. I'm not sure if what I'm going through is part of lupus or not. I have been having an awful time with physical activity lately. I find when I go in the pool to do laps, every bone in my body cracks; my elbows, my knees.

I babysit a 23 month old a few times a week and I get drained really easily. I took him to the Loblaws Superstore not too long ago in his stroller and by the time I got back, my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. I had absolutely no energy left, and my muscles were twitching like CRAZY! I find that my twitching is worse after any sort of activity, whether it be walking, running, swimming. Whenever something is being used, it twitches the moment i rest. Don't get me wrong, I have twitching too when I'm active but it is the worst when I am resting. Night time is the worst for me, especially right before bed when I'm lying still.

Also, anything intimate with my boyfriend - forget about it. I get so weak, and begin to twitch right after. After a few minutes, it gets better but it's awful. I can never get away from it. I've also noticed within the last 2 weeks, that I have small ulcer-like sores in my mouth. If anyone could help, it would be so greatly appreciated.

07-21-2009, 06:23 PM
I'm not sure if anything you are experiencing is related to lupus, but certainly the overwhelming fatigue, aches and pains, and mouth ulcers could be indicators for you. You didn't say if you are under a physician's care. Keep a journal of your symptoms. What they are, when they occur, if they go away and when, etc. Take this information to your next doctor's appointment.

I hope you get some answers soon.


07-22-2009, 01:28 AM
Welcome to our family!!!!! We are here to help you get through this time of unanswered questions and support you until you finally do receive some answers!

Laps just may be a bit to much in the pool; however, stay in the water and just walk around and maybe even do some squats. My doctor actually prescribed water therapy as a treatment for my Lupus. So, I still think it is good for :yes:

I also babysit and bot does it tire me out! It is hard to function sometimes due to the pain and fatigue. Has the doctor put you on any medications at this time? If not, you may want to ask if you can try something to help you with the pain and fatigue. I also agree, keep a journal of how you are feeling and what you were doing when you started feeling that way. You may also want to keep a diet diary. This will also help them look at any dietary issues you may have that could be causing some of your symptoms. Keep a list of questions for your doctor. Right them down the minute you think of them because we all have a tendency to forget when we are actually there with the doctor.

That is a lot of information but believe me when I say.....it does get easier. I am sorry that you are feeling like this anf going through this phase of uncertainty. For some people it takes years to get a clear diagnosis and this really teaches us patience. It is frustrating and hard during that time but that is why we are all here......to support each other! I will be sending you thoughts of a pain free night and lots of gentle hugs to help get you through this time :hug: