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07-19-2009, 04:55 PM
Yesterday, I managed to get in to see the other rheumatologist that works with my doctor. I figured it would be worth a shot considering my rheum's out of town for two weeks, and I couldn't get in to see my family doctor due to it being the weekend. So I went in yesterday and explained how I've been feeling lately, gave them my list of medicatíons I'm currently on and asked if there was anything I can do to get out of this cycle of pain, fatigue and all that fun stuff.

The woman didn't even really seem to care about anything I'd said. She seemed pretty determined to just perscibe something and get me out of her office as quickly as possible.

Well, she ended up perscribing 50mg of Indomethacin. I got my perscription filled this morning and was reading through the information, and its really not seeming like a good choice for me. Apparently, it can interact with the Prednisone/Naproxen and increase my chance of adverse effects.

I also read that it may also cause elevations of serum creatinine and more serious renal damage such as acute renal failure, chronic nephritis and nephrotic syndrome. Considering I already have nephritis, would it really be wise to take this and risk something worse?

Anyway, now that you've had your afternoon/nighttime/whenever read, I was wondering hoping for some feedback on this. Has anyone else taken it? Should I even start it after learning about its interactions with my other medications and potential cause of further kidney damage? I'm a little hesitant to, just because that doctor seemed so careless with her perscribing.

Or maybe I'm just being paranoid about this.. -sigh-


07-19-2009, 08:25 PM
hi jerzi,

i would not take that med before talking to a knowledgeable and respectable professional.....Have you considered asking your pharmacist about this med and its interaction with other medications that you are on?

I have not heard of Indomethacin. Hopefully someone will come along who has some knowledge about it.

Good job of researching and asking questions before taking this med....your instincts will never lead you astray.

07-20-2009, 12:50 AM
I also hadn't heard of this particular medication until it was prescribed to me. I figured it would have been fine considering the person was a professional and I gave them a list of my current medications just so they would know what to do based around that. But then I read the drug information that came with it and find out I was prescribed something that apparently does not work with my medications?

I'm a little appalled. I may have to declare shenanigans on this doctor and club her with a broomstick.

Hopefully, someone with some personal experience or knowledge of this drug will come along. I'm going to talk to a pharmacist when I can bring myself to leave the house, or perhaps ask a family member to investigate. But, I would still like to hear if anyone has been put on this before.