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07-24-2005, 09:02 PM
Since I have been snooping around here for couple of weeks, thought it would be about time I introduced myself.

I am a 55 year old female with a wonderful husband and 2 great adult boys. I have great job in a small "mom and pop" company who have been so supportive for me during this episode. I feel really blessed.

In March of this year, it all started with my legs aching while I was at work. I could take a couple of motrin and it would go away til the next day. A couple of weeks later I started having mild arthritis symptoms in my hands, feet, elbows, wrist, and knees. Constantly moving and changing, sometimes within the same hour. Soon this was followed by weakness and fatigue. Real fatigue, causing me to miss work. Thats when I realized something was wrong.

The third week of April, while I was on a stay-at-home vacation, my world crashed in. I was stiff and sore in the mornings, unable to walk my feet hurt so bad, and my hands would not open up in the mornings. My GP took one look at me and said...."you have RA". I didnt even know what RA was.....

My GP called my couple of weeks later, to refer me to a Rheumy even tho
my ANA was l:80 and RA factor was 20--neg. I'm still not sure if l:80 is a high neg, or a low positive.

The rheumy acted like I probably didnt have RA or Lupus, but went ahead with the test. One week later I'm back at the Rheumy with test results.

RNP 392 >120 positive
Smith 932 >120 positive
SSA ro 87 >120 positive
SSB la 114 >120 positive
Antiscleroderma 70 813 >120 positive
Actin smooth muscle 118 >30 positive
Anti dna ds 2135 >120 positive
comp C4 24 ( 9 - 36 )
comp C3 180 ( 90 - 180)

I really dont know what all this means...the rheumy only said she was calling it "unspecified connective tissue disease" for now.

I've done alittle research but is all still so confusing to me.....if anyone wants to help dicipher this or make a comment..please do.

Im on prednisone and plaquenil and have another appt in August.
I do feel pretty confident in this dr, but just need some answers right now.

Thanks so much to all of you for you dedication to this site and your remarkable patience and kindness.

07-25-2005, 05:33 AM
Welcome coco74728! We now have two Coco's on the board (that I know of) which makes a choco-holic happy! :lol:

I understand your frustration and your pain - so many of us have been through the diagnosis quandry - and having a NAME for the pain seems to help. I too had the "floating pain" - and luckily had a doc who didn't say "see a psychiatrist, it is all in your head."

Here's a resource that may help you wade through the tests...


I use the site a lot, it helps me figure out what the numbers mean, not being a medical person has its disadvantages!

Many hugs, and welcome to this site. I hope you'll participate with us - it is so nice to have others who understand!

07-25-2005, 11:24 AM
Thank you so much for your reply hatlady!

Yes that link is a really good one....Ive used it and found alot of answers there...

I guess what bothers me is the size of the numbers. Does anyone know if it means you have had the disease a long time, or does it mean you have alot of disease? I dont know, they just seem large to me.

The good news is the meds are really helping, I feel almost normal again.
I know how lucky I am to not have any really bad side effects.

Thank you again,

07-25-2005, 03:56 PM
I don't think the numbers can tell you how long you've had the condition, just what's happening with the condition at that point in time. My numbers go up and down. What's weird - sometimes the numbers LOOK the best when I FEEL the worst. And look bad when I feel great!

I haven't been on prednisone - I've done everythingn I can to avoid it, including feeling miserable at times! My own personal issues, I know that it can be a wonderful help. I always say that if I had an issue with organ involvement, I'll take it, until then....we'll see.

The plaquenil I consider my "miracle drug." It made such a difference in how I feel! As you, I have had no complications.

Glad you're here, coco!